Never google images for broken toes!!!

4:30am and cannot sleep due to toe hurting like a real bastard each time it touches the duvet, the matress, or one of the dogs.

Managed to whack my poor toe onto a corner last night.  Yes, it was painful, but no more than the normal pain that arises when I manage to stub my toes onto something.

But it got bad going to bed, and took a peek at it now, and the bugger is all swollen and a delicious purple colour.


Having had broken toes in the past, and knowing there’s not much you can do for it, apart from taping it up, but I’d forgotten what they looked like, and figured I’d google “broken toe” and look at pics to see whether I was gonna be bothered to try and find some tape to use or not.


*pukes*  Never google “broken toe” and look at the pics!  Never!  It didn’t start too bad… but then it got ugly… oh so ugly.  Why can’t things be unseen?!  This is nearly as bad as when my curiosity forced me to see The Human Centipide (never see this film!!!).


*toodles off to try and find some tape for the bastard toe, whilst desperately trying to force images of disgusting toes out of her mind*

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