The kids

These are my kids.  They’re cute.  In my eyes, much cuter than any human off-spring you can show me.  No, I didn’t give birth to any of them – but they’re much more than just “pets” to me.  They’re family members.  They’re friends.  They’re playmates.  They’re a shoulder to cry on.  They’re a pain in the arse.

But as I am their carer – I am the one taking them to the vets, the one feeding them, the one grooming them, the one keeping them warm – they count as my kids.



Pot is a 4 year old wirehaired JR.  She’s the most loving, sweetest dog – to others.  Hahahahaha!  She adores everyone, especially children, and she’s the happiest dog I’ve ever seen… apart from at home – she’s a proper grumpy bitch at home.  She’ll growl if you dare move as she’s on the lap, she’ll growl if you dare move in bed.  She’ll growl if you try to pick her up – but she loves being carried about.  She’s stubborn, ackward and bossy…  but she’s also loving, caring and very smart.

She’s not great with other dogs, or cats for that matter… she gets too excited, and doesn’t really know how to play… and then she gets upset if she’s rejected due to being too excited.  But she’s brilliant with people.  Dancing about – loving everyone.

She’s absolutely gorgeous – and I don’t think I have a single bad picture of her.  Bushy eyebrowse and messy mustache – she always manages to look like a canine pin-up when the camera comes out.



Boo is the most amazing little cuddle-bunny.  Bless her heart – she’s not very photogenic though.  She’s so incredibly cute – but as soon as you point a camera at her she somehow manages to look like a weirdo.  opposite to her mum, Pot, who looks gorgeous in all pics.

Boo’s two years old, part of a litter of four that Pot was allowed to have before she got spayed.  She does however think she’s the mother of Pot, and loves disciplining her mum if her mum’s been norty.

Again, like her mum, the image people get of Boo is the complete opposite of what she’s like at home.  Boo is a barker, and will bark her head off if in the garden.  She’ll bark at people, dogs, cats, any item she doesn’t like… well, she’ll bark at just about anything.  Boo is shy around strangers, and hates kids with a passion.  But at home – oh at home she’s the most amazing little canine girl anyone could ever wish for!  She’s a massive snuggler, and often just the lap isn’t good enough – she’ll crawl under your clothes to be close to you.

She’s laidback, happy, loving, playful.  She’s best friends with the monkey-pie (youngest cat), and the two of them have loads of fun racing about the house.  She’s also a massive piggy – and will be a complete pest if she’s got her eye set o some human food.



Monkey-pie is the newest addition to the family.  She’s a wonderful little kitty… absolutely wonderful!  She entered the family a few months after we’d lost out beloved female feline girl.  Moneky-pie could never fill the hole that our girl left in our hearts – but she did fill the hole left in the house…  if that makes any sense.

She was only 11 weeks only when she arrived with us, but we were her forth home!  How anyone could ever consider removing her from their life is beyond me… she’s so full of life, so full of love, and I might as well admit it – also full of mischief.  🙂

She’s a massive cuddle cat – and doesn’t care if a lap is already taken by a dog – she’ll just squeeze in.  She snoozes in bed with us humans and the dogs each night, and the day is mostly spend outside, as she’s a skilled wee hunter.  However, in the evenings she’ll be swinging off the curtains, playing with Boo or terrorising her big brother.

The Boy:


My handsome boy!!!  And yes, he does of course have a name… but generally he goes by “The Boy” or “Mister”… and when being ackward quite a few other names too.  Hahahahaha.

But he’ll always be my baby-boy.  It doesn’t matter that he’s now over a decade old, or that he’s huge and weighs over a stone… he’ll always be my little baby.

He’s as smart as he’s handsome.  He was a complete terror as a kitten, and didn’t improve much as he grew older.  Never much for cuddles, and most of the time looks at you with hatred in his eyes…  but he’s changing now as he’s getting older like the rest of us.  He had an accident a few years ago, and since then doesn’t wander far.  When his sister died he was my comfort, and for the first time in 8 years came on my lap by his own accord.   He’s now more of a cuddle cat too, and although still never wanting to be on the lap, he will now ask for cuddles daily, compared to maybe once a week when he was younger.

He’s a loud one, and will constantly complain – when he wants fed, when it’s not the “right” kind of cat food, when he wants treats, when he wants to go out, when one of the dogs gets too close… you name it – he will howl his dismay.  He pretends to hate his new baby-sister, but occasinally you’ll catch him out having playtime with her.  🙂

Here’s a wee video of my two youngest – Ms Monkey-pie is very norty to her big sister, but they love eachother to bits and always has loads of fun racing after eachother thoughout the house and garden.

13 thoughts on “The kids

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  2. Your furkids are totally adorable and I can see you and they enjoy each others company so much. They are gorgeous and so are the shots you took. Love the video too! I am so glad you entered in the challenge today as I love blogs like yours. Thanks for sharing and lots of hugs and kisses to your beautiful furries. 😀

    • Awwww – thank you. I will make sure to give loads of kisses to the three that likes it. I think my tomcat would prefer it if I gave him a miss. Hahahaha!

      My blog is a little bit of this and little bit of that.

      Funny, I discovered WordPress reading a stupid post on FB in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago. I signed up to a forum to have my say on it, but as a new member an administrator had to approve me. I tapped my fingers waiting for ten minutes, and figured I’d have to rant somewhere – and found WordPress… and am really enjoying it. So thank you to Ellen Page for “coming out” as gay. 😀

      • Well, thanks to Ellen Page you started blogging on WordPress. You will see I am taking a break from blogging and so far I am enjoying it because it gives me more time to visit blogs I don’t always get the time to visit and yours are first on the list today. 😀

    • Thank you! They’re my wee babies.

      Got no human ones, but do have a gorgeous (human) little granddaughter, and in a months time I’ll be having a little grandson entering the world. The convenience of having an other half that was done with having kiddies before he met me. 😀

      I get to buy cute baby gifts, but never have to change a nappy. Hahahahaha!

      • I have 3 grown boys, and 2 granddaughter ages 1 and 2 and I have a grandson that just turned 3 on March 1st. I was one that wanted three kids and I was blesses with 3 kids. My hubby and I run an unofficial animal shelter, we take in many strays, house break them not matter their size, have them spayed or neutered, their shots, and try to find them good loving homes, but in today’s economy we usually end up keeping them for many years before finding them homes. We currently have 7 dogs (last year we had 15 dogs), 4 cats, and a pet raccoon. Oh and we also have 4 horses, but they are ours. I am involved in the 4H club here and I do Rodeo’s and show my horses and I have a World Grand Champion Tennessee Walker. It’s great to meet you, and I love your Blog. Thanks for stopping by my and checking it out too!

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