To watch, or not to watch?

Since I heard a remake was gonna be made, I’ve asked myself the question a few times.  Should I see the new Oldboy?

And I still don’t know if I want to venture there or not.


I’m a massive film-buff, and will see just about anything… just about.  So question is this – do I see the new Oldboy?

No matter what, I know it cannot possibly be an improvement of the original.  My fear is that it will complete shite, and even go as far as ruining my opinion of the original (like Matrix 2 completely ruined the first one for me… as a stand alone The Matrix would have been a classic).

Oldboy (the original) is my fave movie of all time.  It is as cringeworthy and uncomfortable as it is beautiful.  It is violent, harsh, shocking, taboo and nasty… but at the same time powerful, stunning, thrilling, and a visual feast.

It makes you sick to your stocmach, it makes your heart ache with both sorrow and anger.  And I love it.  Love every single second of it.

For now I’ll give the new version a miss… for now… but I fear one of these days I’ll give in and see it.  I wish I could stay away (what’s been seen cannot be unseen… oh how I wish I never saw The Human Centipede – most god-awful shite ever made), but I doubt I’ll be a able to stay away for too long.