Am loving my new coat!!!

SAM_0852b New coat!!!  Yes, doesn’t take too much to make me excited.  🙂

But I’m absolutely loving it.  You know those faux fur fleece blankies – those incredibly soft ones?  Well – the coat is like that inside!


To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what it was gonna be like, as it was ordered online… and when all you got is a pic to go by, it’s always a wee bit of a worry until it arrives.

So, I was dead chuffed when it was absolutely lush.  And the good thing about it, not being from a high street store is that hopefully I won’t be wandering around with it on, and seeing tons of others wearing the same (one year I had a Next coat – I swear half the female population of the UK had the same blooming coat).


What’s even better… I won it.  🙂

Well, technically I won credit to the store, but as this is what I picked, it became my prize.

I also got a dress, and a jumper for my credit, so over the moon with my goodies.  🙂


Coat is from Sheinside.  Their clothes are CHEAP.  And I mean… really cheap.  Delivery is as expected (I often order from Asia… and generally it takes between 7-10 days.  Quickest I’ve had something arrive is 5 days… and longest is about 2 weeks)… but the “processing time” (what the heck is that supposed to mean?) took what felt like forever before it got sent off… but then again, if you’re not in a hurry, having to wait a couple of weeks before the clothes are shipped off shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

However, I think the clothes has been made for tiny little elven creatures like Kylie Minogue!  I got the coat in Large, but it’s more like a M (this was anticipated, which is why I got large)… and my dress and jumper is “one size” (one size for petite 12 year olds – hahahaha).  I really liked them, so thought I’d chance it, considering it wasn’t costing me anything.  🙂

The jumper fits, and will be used, but it is a size smaller than I would have prefered.  The dress however…  oh my goodness – my derriere is atleast 2 sizes too big for it.  Hahahahaha.


And if you fancy trying to win some vouchers yourself, there’s loads of contests over on Polyvore for credit at stores!  And even if you don’t fancy playing virtual dress-up in the hope to win something, it’s loads of fun making other sets too!  Think of it like a very tidy and attractive Pinterest… you pick the items you like, and add them together in a set:


Home sets, fashion sets, arts & crafts, beauty, art and impression, hair styles… basically anything you want.  🙂

This, that, and everything in-between…

I’m just gonna throw everything into one post!  😀

The above is the birthday gift for the eldest grandkid… isn’t is simply the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

Other half got roped in to do extra work this weekened, and yesterday I felt ok, so decided to go with him (it was only 5 hours), with the plan to hopefully get an eyetest done on the day, and also to find a gift for the grankid… to be honest, I wasn’t certain I would accomplish either of the tasks in the 5 hours.

However, third optician I tired could test my eyes on the day!  Yay!  (More about that further down), and whilst I waited I popped into Primark… and spotted the dress.  Not just any dress.  The dress.  Oh how I wish they’d had it in my size!!!  But alas, I had to make do with one age 3-4 years.  😀

And then I spotted the sandals.  Oh how I wish they had them in my size!  Hahahaha!   And a big thank you to the lady who happened to be there with her three year old kid, and help me out getting the right size sandals.

Of course I couldn’t help myself, and added some stretchy bracelets, a hairband and some uber-cute sun glasses too.  All in all, the whole bunch, came out to only £17.50!


I was so lucky with the optician… not only that I could get an appointment on the day, but they were absolutely brilliant.  From the friendly and happy ladies in the shop, to the fab gent that tested my eyes.  I was well impressed.  And well chuffed hearing that my eyes are in perfect health (now nearly 2 months with massive eye floaters… it’s like living in a 1950s sci-fi film with UFO invasion coming at me)… which means there’s some tablets that I will be trying to score with the docs this week!  😀

Not gonna go into the whole doc saga at the moment, lets just say my doc has turned around completely (to the point he apologised for giving the impression he was a shitty doctor) – and I’m being referred to a specialist.  Yay!  But with eyes having been given the go-a-head, there’s some pills I could try until I see the specialist (it is however pills they won’t be too willing to hand out, nor pills I’m too happy about taking… but they might work… and at the moment, even a “might” is like a gift from the gods).

Anyway, if you ever need to have your eyes tested in Aberdeen, go see Jenson & Ledingham – they’re brilliant.


3 of the gorgeous little kittens are now with their new families…. and I’m not certain whether to make a smiley or sad face.  I’m overjoyed that they have gotten loving forever homes, but am missing them.  Little Claudia has gotten a whole big family that loves her to bits, and the two boys went with their new mummy today, and she was completely smitten with them.

The other two are still with us.  Loads of people interested… but none that I’ve been willing to let my little babies live with.  It’s very hard, but I’d rather they stay, than me not being 100% certain that they would get the perfect home.

Ms Monkey-pie’s boobies are dissappearing nicely – and if everything goes to plan she will be spayed this week!  😀


And on the subject of kitties – the kitties all tried the catfood Encore this week!  Oh my goodness was this a big hit!!!  Absolutely loved it, and no wonder – this stuff looks amazing – and doesn’t stink of goodness knows what, like all other catfood does… it smelt like fish.  It looked like fish.  Actually it looked a heck of a lot nicer than the cans of tuna I get for myself (myself, and myself… if a can of tuna is opened both cats and dogs get their share).  I know what to stock up on when the zombies comes… me and the kitties can share some Encore.  Hahahahaha.


And Boo’s gotten a tick.  Aaaaaaaaargh!  I fucking hate ticks… horrible creatures.  *shudders*  Spotted it this morning, and was hoping the other half could deal with it when he comes home tonight… but in the end I simply couldn’t stomach the thought of it, and had to remove the bastard.  First (and hopefully only) tick of the year, which means tick treatment from now until Autumn.


Otherwise I’ve caught up on The Walking Dead (I had seen season 1 and 2, but lost interest… and now tried season 3 again – and it was awesome (I you lost interest end of season 2, like I did – give it a go again – it’s get better!  So caught up on both season 3 and 4, and now cursing as there’s no more episodes.  Grrrrr), and now at a little loss of what to see.  I’m following Game of Thrones and Orphan Black, but I need something for the other nights of the week.

That’s just f#©king great


Kind of feel like this is more suitable as a Wordless Wednesday post, as I feel the pic says it all.  😀

However, this is posted in response to “Letters”… I always find it amusing that people sometimes replace a few letters in a swearword with symbols.  Pictured is one of my fave t-shirts.  Quote from a film that’s not a fave, although it was entertaining enough.  But I love this t-shirt.  Love it, love it, love it.


Posted for “Letters” – this weeks photo challenge:


Also – if you can be bothered to read the whole post, I’ve just set up a new twitter account… it’s lonely there.  I need some people to follow!  Let me know where you are on twitter, and I’ll give you a follow (or give me a heads-up on twitter) Cheers.

They’ve done well…

But I think it might soon be time to say goodbye.


These shoes have been well used.  They’ve now been used for 3 and a half years, nearly everyday.  Some days it’s been just for short trips to the shops and out walking the dogs, other days they’ve been supporting my legs for up to 16 hours a day.  They’ve been through fields, forests, beaches, footpaths and roads.  They’ve been in cars, buses, trains and taxies.  They’ve visited shops, houses, offices and hospitals.  They’ve climbed fences, stairs and cliffs.  Many a times have they been submerged in water.  They’ve been on tar, dirt, grass, leaves, floors, mud and the occasional dog, cow or rabbit shit.

They’ve been through the washing machine many a times, and thrown in the tumble dryer afterwards.  Sometimes they’ve been stuck behind radiators.  They’ve been chewed on by dogs.  Dragged through the catflap and into the garden by same said dogs.  They’ve been covered in anything and everything I’ve dropped.

Do I love them?  No.  They’re shoes.  Will I be sad to see them go?  Yes.  Not beacuse of everywhere they’ve been, not beacuse of all the times they’ve protected my feet – but beacuse they’re so fucking comfy!

Putting them on today (yes – I managed to get my arse out of the house for a wee while.  Hobbled around.  Funny how a pulled muscle in the chest hurts more each time my right foot comes down, and hence making me favour the left one more), I pulled off another bit of the sole.  And it made me think I will soon have to get new shoes.

Opposite of many women I do not have a love for shoes.  I got a few pairs (simple black, simple white, crocs and these poor old trainers).  No high heeled shoes in sight.  I do however have quite a few chunky boots (and wellies).  I got a love for chunky boots.  Each time I wear a dress or skirt I always wear chunky boots with it.

However… I only have one pair of “trainers” – the ones pictured above.  I had a few, but threw them out as soon as I got used to these.

I didn’t like these shoes when they first arrived.  They fit perfectly, and unlike most shoes they didn’t rub in any places… but they were so heavy compared to what I was used to.  Now however I dread getting new shoes.  New shoes I’m bound to hate.

What’s even better about these shoes, apart from the fact that they’re still going after 3 and a half years, is that they were free.  Yes.  Free.  I had won £50 to use at Regatta… but being the crafty person I am, I discovered they had an outlet site (this site is fabulous – same great stuff and so much cheaper!), and asked if I could use the voucher there instead.  And they agreed!

They either cost £22.50, or £26.  I can’t remember, as I got two pairs one for me and one for the other half (he threw his out when they started to look shabby.  Shabby doesn’t bother me.  As long as they’re good to go and not falling apart I’m keeping them!), but it was either of those prices.  They’ve been worn nearly everyday…  estimate 300 days out of 365 in a year.  That takes it to over 1000 days they’ve been taking care of my feet whilst out and about.  Even if I’d paid, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining about that (unlike a pair of my Doc Martens…  Eldest JR chewed the zipper to bits after I’d only worn them twice!!!).


I’m hoping they’ll last until the end of August.  That will make it four years.  I got my toes crossed for that one.  They have been, and still are, the best shoes I’ve ever had.