Update on the breeding bugger of a cat, and various other stuff.

I’m allowed to call her a bugger.  I love her to bits, but there’s no denying she’s a complete and utter arse.  🙂


Yes, Pie’s finally done (one of her kids was also fixed a few weeks ago, waiting with D as she’s still fairly petite, and not even 3kg yet)!  *does the happy dance*

As you can see she still got the indentation where her fur was shaved.

Fun and games started as soon as I went to pick her up.  Pie is glaring at my with furious eyes in the carrier, whilst I’m chatting to the vet.  Vet tells me to keep her in for 10 days.  I said Pie would kill me if I kept her in for 10 days.  And I mean, she would actually figure out a way to murder me.

I sigh, and say “fine”, knowing it will never happen.

So, I ask when I can take her collar off.  Vet says to keep it on for 10 days!  Hahahahahahaha!  Oh my goodness, this vet is clearly on some heavy drugs, or has never had a cat.

I’ll tell you how long the collar lasted for – less than 2 minutes!  As soon as we were in the car, Pie managed to push the collar off.  Atleast her glaring look subduded a few nothches after that.

So, wanting to keep her in for the night, cat litter tray, food and water gets put in our bedroom, and the door shot.  Pie goes to sleep…

Until 2am.  Come 2am she’s launching herself at the door handle (she can open the downstairs doors… however the bedroom doors are old, and tricky, as you have to hold the handle down whilst pulling at the door).

I figure it will be less stressful for her, and cause less stress on her body to just open the door…

So, Pie flies though the catflap, and I end up sitting up, worrying about her…


I didn’t worry for too long – less than 20 minutes later she returns – with a live bird in her mouth!!!


Luring Pie into the bathroom, I then spend the next 30 minutes trying to catch the bird in a box.  When bird finally released, and I open the bathroom door, Pie is there proud as can be, with a look that said “This is what you get for locking me in the bedroom”.




Otherwise, it’s blooming freezing… not good for the arthritis, but Boo is loving the fact that the fireplace is in use again:


Been to hospital appointments, and the specialist I’m seeing is trying to get me onto a drugs trial.  Have also walked around like a fashion guru with the last accessory of the season – a heart monitor.  Atleast it was so tiny and light it could be clipped onto my bra.


Being the idiot that I am, and having gotten as plump as a piggy, I’ve decided to try the Insanity workout.  Of course there are days where I can barely move, so the time-scale isn’t really being followed.  However, on a good day, I decided to do the Fit Test… you’d think it wasn’t possibly to fail a fit test, but I managed – ZERO push-up jacks.  Hahahahahaha!


Signing off with the of my gorgeous girls lurking at the fish:



How the heck did they manage to do this?


Really… that is what met me in the bathroom this evening.



Pie and the 2 kittens were playing about in the hallway and bathroom after having been in snoozing with the mini-babies… and then I heard the crash.

I knew instantly it was the aloe vera plant… which was placed on the counter behind the toilet.  However – I did NOT expect it to be inside the toilet!  With the lid on!


I have to say, although I found it hilarious (and annoying, as there was dirt everywhere), I also found it creepy.  And the creepiness didn’t get any better when I opened the lid:


*shudders*  And you can just about spot the “pot” (it’s an ice bucket) the plant is in, perfectly placed in the toilet bowl!

It must have spooked them, and as one of them jumped off the counter, they must have whacked the lid down on top of the plant after it landed in the loo.

Bathroom dirt free again, but my aloe plant has seen better days… very bruised.  And the whole bathroom reeks of aloe.


And here’s an “awwwww” pic just for the heck of it!  😉


Never google images for broken toes!!!

4:30am and cannot sleep due to toe hurting like a real bastard each time it touches the duvet, the matress, or one of the dogs.

Managed to whack my poor toe onto a corner last night.  Yes, it was painful, but no more than the normal pain that arises when I manage to stub my toes onto something.

But it got bad going to bed, and took a peek at it now, and the bugger is all swollen and a delicious purple colour.


Having had broken toes in the past, and knowing there’s not much you can do for it, apart from taping it up, but I’d forgotten what they looked like, and figured I’d google “broken toe” and look at pics to see whether I was gonna be bothered to try and find some tape to use or not.


*pukes*  Never google “broken toe” and look at the pics!  Never!  It didn’t start too bad… but then it got ugly… oh so ugly.  Why can’t things be unseen?!  This is nearly as bad as when my curiosity forced me to see The Human Centipide (never see this film!!!).


*toodles off to try and find some tape for the bastard toe, whilst desperately trying to force images of disgusting toes out of her mind*

Princess Zoloft


Not to be confused with Princess Zelda.  😉

Little update on the health… been to the hospital, more blood drawn (these test apperantly take 4-6 weeks for results!), another ECG done, and I’m on a list to get one of those heart monitors to wear for a few days…

However, not back in the hospital for three months!!!  And I refuse to feel this shitty until then… so you take action.  And what is action?  Zoloft!

I went to the docs, first thing I said was “I want drugs!”.  Hahahaha.  Armed with printouts of what could help for the fatigue (I can deal with crazy heart, the pain, migranes, wonky eyes, wanting to puke, and being out of breath if I could just get a little bit of energy).  I had decided on either trying Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft… with Prozac being my first choice after comparing the side effects (which are all similar, but Prozac seem a little better than the others).

Doc however advised that Prozac is “old-fashioned”, and Paxil is very hard to come off of, which left Zoloft.

So, first tablet yesterday… 5 hours later I was “tipsy” (or, if you’ve ever tried “Bubble Gum” weed, just like that).  Everything was blooming hilarious.

Again, did a wee bit of a search, and it should hopefully adjust in 4-5 days at the max.  I don’t mind being happy, but getting the giggles from anything and everything is a little over the top.  🙂

Anyway, this morning, instead of just sitting there like a vegetable for 2 hours before I muster up enough energy to do the dishes or something, I felt pretty “normal” after just 10 minutes of getting up.  Stairs don’t seem like Mount Everest, although I still sound like a beached whale getting to the top.

Will let you know how it goes… so far, if the “everything’s hilarious” goes away, I’m giving it a thumbs up.  😀


Pic taken on the way down to the sea… hundreds of these beautiful caterpillars everywhere!

Best fecking award ever!

Well, I’m hereby giving myself the best fecking award ever:


This way – there’s really no need for anyone else to give me one.  😀

See – it’s got everything I could ever want in an award… it’s got:

  • Gold!!!
  • Trophy!!!
  • Laurel wreath!!!
  • Five stars!!!
  • Ribbons & banner!!!
  • A number 1!!!


I think it’s really sweet that people want to give me awards – thank you!  But these so-called blog awards are simply too much work.  I stopped doing chain letters many, many years ago (although I did always like the ones where you sent a bar of chocolate to the person on top of the list… I had chocolate from all over the world… yum!), and that’s exactly what they seem like to me.  🙂

Now, if anyone wants to give me a proper award, like the Nobel Peace Prize, I’d be happy to accept.  😉

This, that, and everything in-between…

I’m just gonna throw everything into one post!  😀

The above is the birthday gift for the eldest grandkid… isn’t is simply the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

Other half got roped in to do extra work this weekened, and yesterday I felt ok, so decided to go with him (it was only 5 hours), with the plan to hopefully get an eyetest done on the day, and also to find a gift for the grankid… to be honest, I wasn’t certain I would accomplish either of the tasks in the 5 hours.

However, third optician I tired could test my eyes on the day!  Yay!  (More about that further down), and whilst I waited I popped into Primark… and spotted the dress.  Not just any dress.  The dress.  Oh how I wish they’d had it in my size!!!  But alas, I had to make do with one age 3-4 years.  😀

And then I spotted the sandals.  Oh how I wish they had them in my size!  Hahahaha!   And a big thank you to the lady who happened to be there with her three year old kid, and help me out getting the right size sandals.

Of course I couldn’t help myself, and added some stretchy bracelets, a hairband and some uber-cute sun glasses too.  All in all, the whole bunch, came out to only £17.50!


I was so lucky with the optician… not only that I could get an appointment on the day, but they were absolutely brilliant.  From the friendly and happy ladies in the shop, to the fab gent that tested my eyes.  I was well impressed.  And well chuffed hearing that my eyes are in perfect health (now nearly 2 months with massive eye floaters… it’s like living in a 1950s sci-fi film with UFO invasion coming at me)… which means there’s some tablets that I will be trying to score with the docs this week!  😀

Not gonna go into the whole doc saga at the moment, lets just say my doc has turned around completely (to the point he apologised for giving the impression he was a shitty doctor) – and I’m being referred to a specialist.  Yay!  But with eyes having been given the go-a-head, there’s some pills I could try until I see the specialist (it is however pills they won’t be too willing to hand out, nor pills I’m too happy about taking… but they might work… and at the moment, even a “might” is like a gift from the gods).

Anyway, if you ever need to have your eyes tested in Aberdeen, go see Jenson & Ledingham – they’re brilliant.


3 of the gorgeous little kittens are now with their new families…. and I’m not certain whether to make a smiley or sad face.  I’m overjoyed that they have gotten loving forever homes, but am missing them.  Little Claudia has gotten a whole big family that loves her to bits, and the two boys went with their new mummy today, and she was completely smitten with them.

The other two are still with us.  Loads of people interested… but none that I’ve been willing to let my little babies live with.  It’s very hard, but I’d rather they stay, than me not being 100% certain that they would get the perfect home.

Ms Monkey-pie’s boobies are dissappearing nicely – and if everything goes to plan she will be spayed this week!  😀


And on the subject of kitties – the kitties all tried the catfood Encore this week!  Oh my goodness was this a big hit!!!  Absolutely loved it, and no wonder – this stuff looks amazing – and doesn’t stink of goodness knows what, like all other catfood does… it smelt like fish.  It looked like fish.  Actually it looked a heck of a lot nicer than the cans of tuna I get for myself (myself, and myself… if a can of tuna is opened both cats and dogs get their share).  I know what to stock up on when the zombies comes… me and the kitties can share some Encore.  Hahahahaha.


And Boo’s gotten a tick.  Aaaaaaaaargh!  I fucking hate ticks… horrible creatures.  *shudders*  Spotted it this morning, and was hoping the other half could deal with it when he comes home tonight… but in the end I simply couldn’t stomach the thought of it, and had to remove the bastard.  First (and hopefully only) tick of the year, which means tick treatment from now until Autumn.


Otherwise I’ve caught up on The Walking Dead (I had seen season 1 and 2, but lost interest… and now tried season 3 again – and it was awesome (I you lost interest end of season 2, like I did – give it a go again – it’s get better!  So caught up on both season 3 and 4, and now cursing as there’s no more episodes.  Grrrrr), and now at a little loss of what to see.  I’m following Game of Thrones and Orphan Black, but I need something for the other nights of the week.

Travel without a goal…


I so cheating for this weeks challenge… as I didn’t take the above pic, and there’ certainly no movement.  😀

But that’s a picture of me, on one of our “we got no idea where we’re going, but I’m sure well find some interesting things along the way” days out.

This weeks challenge is “On the move”, and on a nice weekend we don’t like to sit about.  At the moment the garden is getting all the attention, but as soon as that’s done, and I’m hopefully better, I cannot wait for our days out.

We just go – no plans, no mission, no goal – just hop in the car, and drive on the roads we generally don’t travel on.  Sometimes we don’t get further than a few miles away, as we’ll spot an interesting building, or a nice river, or a hidden beach, or a lush forest… sometimes we drive for hours.

You don’t need to hop on a plane to a sunny beach to feel like you’ve gotten away from it all.  Sometimes we bring a picnic, sometimes we’ll stop at a small cafe… sometimes we’ll pop into a supermarket and grab a sarnie, munching on it whilst still continuing on our journeys.  These days out, whilst travelling without a goal, are like little holidays, and very precious to me.


Posted for this weeks photo challenge:  On The Move:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/on-the-move/


Would you miss $1?

If you suddenly lost a dollar – would your life change?

If it wouldn’t, then I got a suggestion – donate a dollar to Rarasaur and her hubby Grayson Queen.  It won’t make a difference to you, but it might make a heck of a difference to them.

One dollar… if 18000 people did that, then their life would stay as stable as life currently is for them.  As stable as it currently is for these two people who’s stuck together in what seems like a tubulent time.  As stable as it currently is for their cats.  Your life won’t change – but it will help them keeping their life just as it is… as if it doesn’t happen their family will be ripped apart.


I don’t know their story, all I know is what I’ve quickly scanned through, it doesn’t matter to me… doesn’t matter is she’s guilty or innocent.  They seem like decent people.  It matters to me that I can help stopping this little family being torn apart.  That matters to me.  And if 17999 other’s can join me, then together we’ve all helped keeping the family together.

I won’t miss my dollar.  Not at all.  It would just have been used on some junk I don’t need.  And I think it’s much better off being used to keep a family together.

If you won’t miss a dollar, take a second to read their posts, there’s an easy option to donate.  Or spend your dollar on some junk… it won’t matter to me.  But it will matter to these two and their kitties whether you do.





Alright.  I’ve just about given up…  have been updating my youtube playlist (up to a massive 30 songs in 7 months – hahahaha)… and there’s a song that’s not there.

Not there or anywhere!  I cannot find this bugger of a song anywhere.  Only thing I can find about it is a blog link from 2006, where there once upon a time used to be a download link, which has dissappeared into the big nothingness.

Does anyone know of where I can get my greedy little claws on “(Streets of) Oblivion” by a band that might, or might not, have existed at some point, called “Love Deniers”.

I heard the song once, on a tape recorder in a dingy basement, and I’m now completely stuck on my “amazing” playlist, as I need this song.



I got it!!!  I got the song!!!  A massive thank you goes to the amazing MFT3F on twitter – thank you so, so much!!!  And I still like it.  😀