My poor babygirl… and this and that.

DSC_0028My poor little babygirl went in to be spayed the other day (if you fancy seeing a close-up, here’s a pic taken 24 hours later… nicely healing, but looks like a butcher did it)…  BUT… and there’s a massive BUT… I am furious with the vets on how they dealt with it.

She’s NOT spayed!  Nope, no spaying done at all.

Other half took her to the vets, and I informed him he had to give them his mobile number, as he would be closer, and could get there in 2 minutes, should he be needed for any reason.

And they called him.

To tell him she’s pregnant.  Of course she’s fucking pregnant – that’s what cats do the best.  But she can still be spayed!  But no, they called him and informed him there’s babies in the tum, and that there “might be complications” (of course there might be fucking complications!!!  There might be complications during ANY spaying), and whether he wanted them to go-ahead with the spaying, or let her have the kittens.  They even went as far as saying she’s fit and healthy and there’s no reason why she couldn’t have another litter!

So, other half was now worried about Ms Monkey-Pie and any complications, and worried about the “babies” (Catholic and all), and decided against going ahead with the operation.

He then called me… and told me she was preggers, to which I replied “of course she is”, and he then said they had given him the option of whether to go ahead with the op… he didn’t tell me he’d by then already told them to close her up.

I hang up on him and call the vets straight away – telling them to please go ahead with the op (although I knew I would cry like a little baby afterwards… I shouldn’t have worried as I ended up bawling my eyes out anyway).

And they say – oh we’ve already closed her up, and she’s waking up, we can’t go ahead with it now!

I was fuming – sad and upset for Pie, and fuming that they had put it in a way to my other half to make it sound like it would be in the best interest of our girl to have the kittens… it’s NOT in her best interest!  She had a litter less than 12 weeks ago.  She needs to be able to be her again, not just a mummy.

So…  now she will have another litter… which will only be getting milk from her for the first 2 weeks, after that they will be on the bottle, so Pie can be spayed as soon as possible.


And so the last two girls of Pie’s litter will be re-homed.  We decided to keep them when I wasn’t 100% happy with any that offered them a home.  They’re my little baba-lubas… my little angels.  We absolutely adore them to bits (and I wish I could show you loads of pictures, but with the two of them racing about or climbing legs or curtains it’s impossible to get a decent picture.

Our favourite is bringing them into bed and see a film – it doesn’t matter if the film is rubbish – the two of them pouncing about on the bed is excellent entertainment.  😀

But… with hand rearing kittens coming up, and constantly having to keep an eye on the two girls with the dogs still, and there are days where I can barely walk, and to top it off Pie’s started to become agressive towards them… the girls would be better off with the right family.

And if all goes to plan, they will be joining their new families this week…  we could have done it over the weekend, but it’s heartbreaking to let them go… although we are thrilled with their new home.  They will be playmates to a pre-teen girl who’s slightly differently able.  She lost her elderly cat a while ago, and her and the kittens will be having loads of fun.  They will be living on a small homestead, and it’s a three generation family, where grandma already has three kitties that bring home pressies every day (if they grow up to be like Pie, they will be in heaven catching mice and birds!).


(The two baby-monkeys running riots on the sofa)


So, heartbreak and kittens aside… I’m really not doing too well at the moment.  If it’s not the body, it’s the head… and of course there’s days where there’s both!  😀

Luckily I’m seeing the cardiology specialist this month, so hopefully something can be sorted.  There’s some tablets I could try help with the fatigue, but I’ve tried to get a doc appointment and couldn’t get any until this week, and as there’s now less than 2 weeks to the hospital appointment I saw no point, as I wouldn’t be certain if the tablets were working or I was just having a few good days until then.

Head’s either all over the place, or gone away on holiday… the other day my other half found a pack of ham I’d stuck in the medicine cabinet.  *sigh*


Other half’s been doing wonders with the porch in-the-making!  😀

Soon enough I will get the blasted washing machine out of the kitchen, and can finally start figuring out how we want the kitchen – and I can order my fridge!!!  This is like the highlight of the summer for me.  😀

I am however NOT impressed with a local company that supplies roofing shingles.  We bought a pack, and was short 2 “strips” (or whatever it’s called).  Went back to see if they had any loose… and they did – as they were scattered outside!  And they refused to let us have two loose ones!!!  Bloody bastards.  We’d been happy to pay, but instead we had to buy a whole blooming pack for £40.  In the end they’re the losers… if they’d let us buy two of the loose ones, we would have happily recommended them to people, as the shingles are great… but they customer service let them down.  I won’t slag them off by name (it’s their livelyhood), but not a word of praise will be spoken either.

This is why I love B&Q.  I would rather support local businesses… but B&Q’s got it right.  They’re always so happy to please.  Just the other day I spotted a tray of alpines.  I wanted them!  But the tray was missing one plant.  So I wandered around trying to see them, so I could get a full tray… but of course didn’t spot them (ham in the medicine cabinet!)… so asked a chap that worked there.  He said I thought that was the last, but still went to check, and when realising it really was the last tray, he knocked off a big chunk of the price for me.  They’re looking really nice around the pond, I shall try to post pics one of these days.


Although the weather hasn’t been great at all, the waterlilies are doing fab!  We’re now on the second one in the back garden (pink) and the third and fourth in the front garden:


(Second water lily in the back garden)


(My massive hunk of a tomcat showing off the third and fourth water lily in the front garden… the one closest just opening up).


First water lily of the year!


Look what greeted me today!  I love it when the water lilies start blooming.  😀

This one is in the fish pond.  We bought both our lilies as bulbs a few years ago… the pink one (above) is doing great, and gives us quite a few flowers a year… the white one however has clearly got it’s mind set on world domination – and is growing like a proper bugger.  So far there’s already 4 bulbs on the white one, and the leaves are everywhere!

The white one is in the front garden pond (no fish), as it simply grows too much.  It had some sort of growth-spur last year, when the fish used to be in the front garden pond… so much so we had to remove it and stick it in the back garden pond (which at that point was much smaller and had no fish) – it was taking over the whole pond!

Now however, the white one can grow as much as it likes – it’s got the whole pond to itself, and the fish are very happy with the much smaller water lily in their new pond.  😀

I’m all done – now where’s the sun?


Other half was complaining that our oh so yellow chairs weren’t comfy enough to snooze on, so I went online to shop for a sun lounger…

And found them either very pricy, or cheap and naff looking (thin fabric). So, instead I figured I’m make one.  😀

Got saw, wood, nails and screws – what could go wrong?

Actually – nothing did.  Hahahahahah!  Oh yes, it won’t win a prize for best looking (or most symmetrical!) sun lounger – but it’ll do.  Other half was well amused as I was swearing and grunting… but in the end all I needed help with was to get a handful of screws properly screwed in.

DSC_0010   DSC_0011DSC_0012




It’s got foDSC_0013ur different settings for the back, plus flat… and as I figured it would be so heavy (and I’m just about as strong as 5 year old girl), I made it in two sections, so I can move it myself.


Stained it to make it look like it’s been there for a while.  If it had been nicely done and with sanded wood, I would have liked it white, but as it stands I don’t want to notice it too much!  😀

Of course I couldn’t leave it just brown-ish… so I added a couple of “speed stripes”.

The four-legged ones absolutely love it… and to be honest so do I.  And even the other half, after having had a rest on it, had no choice but to agree it’s actually quite fab.

DSC_0017And hopefully we’ll spot a nice sun lounger cushion for it on sale (the ones I want are so pricey).

Aaaaaaand – I have to say – the little brush I used on it did amazing!  I used a small Daler-Rowney brush (from a set) not just for the stripes (both acrylic and oil based paint)… but I also used it to stain the whole blooming sun lounger!  The brush didn’t loose a single hair – and that’s not nicely sanded wood.  Well impressed.


My tree’s making babies!!! (and various other stuff)

DSC_0010My beautiful tree is reproducing!!!  I know… seeds on a tree, how exciting can it be?  Well – very exciting to me.  😀

First time it’s ever done so, so I’m kind of feeling like a proud grandma.  😀


And the gate for the pergola is done, and my wee cross road sign for the path is not just finished, but also up.

A few more flowers, and chuffed that my half dead plants (middle pic) in the hanging baskets seem to be very happy indeed.


Of course my two canine girls came to help me take pics….

And then all my girls game to help out (or sniff the grass):


And then playtime started:

I got what I wanted… for £8!


Call it what you want… pergola or arbor/arbour… I got what I wanted!  😀

We need a gate to the lawn part of the garden.  We’ve never had one, but always needed one, due to the canine girlies.

They have access to the garden at all time (they fit though the catflap), but when it gets so wet it’s just mud, a gate would have been amazing.  Instead we’ve been putting up boards on the steps to stop them from going out there to roll in the mud.

So – solutions – a pergola.  I wanted a pergola, which we can put a gate on (gate will hopefully be made this weekend!).

Of course, we intended to make one… and I fell in love with the simplicity of this one.  Albeit I want a different gate, and prefered it without all the “fancy bits”.

Boo of course helped me cheer on her daddy as he set out on the task:


And as it came along it did start to look similar to what I wanted:


It looks a little crooked, but it’s not, miraculously we managed to get it straight.  😀


I did however do something incredibly stupid… I felt ok-ish, so I painted the whole thing in one day (two layers, undercoat and gloss).  I’ve suffered for it since.  I gotta learn that everything’s not ok, just beacuse it feels ok for a little while.  Apart from having felt very shitty indeed, I’ve now been rewarded with eye floater in my right eye too.


All that’s needed now is the gate – and we’ll be all set for when it’s handy to keep the dogs out of there for a few hours.  😀

All in all it ended up costing £8…  and that was for the screws.  Everything else we had.  I’ve even planted climbers next to it already.

It was a quick thing to do, we didn’t sand any of the wood, and just used what we had.  It’s not there to be closely inspected, it’s there to hold a gate, and hopefully look pretty with climbers growing on it.  From a distance it looks fab!  😉



Aaaaaaaaand – that’s the pond finally finished off:


My scale babies new home got the last finishing touches today.  Yay!

The pond was finished a little while ago, but it had been planned since last summer.  It’s a half-raised pond (majority is below the ground), as it was less work.


We had all the wood for the supporting frame, the new liner was paid for by a bingo win, and the cement needed was paid for from a different bingo win, so all in all it ended up free.  😀

We had loads of broken slabs, and quite a few bricks, so those got used for the wall.  The little “pier” was made using off cuts of planks we had laying about.  It’s there as my “pump cleaning station”. Half of it folds over on itself, so I can lift the net and remove the pump for cleaning.

Of course two of my beautiful girlies cam to cause havock help showing off the finished pond:









The lady’s getting wet. ;)


Finally… my poor water feature that’s been sitting idle for years has been installed.  Got her for a steal at Dobbies, as one of her boobs had gotten a dent.  😀

However, a hammer sorted that, and now she’s finally been installed.  Plan was always to use her for one of the ponds, but she’s simply too big, and would dominate even the big pond the fish are now in.

So, a big hole for a container was dug, mesh put on top, and then covered with gravel and stones… and finally my lovely lady’s getting wet.  😀


She sits on a small patch between the two sheds, and we get to see her sitting on our oh so yellow chairs.  And as you can see – solar lights has been stuck in to light up Chesterfield Avenue at night.  Can’t wait to see them on for the first time tonight.


That little fence seperating the path and the stones around the water feature was a major pain in the arse.  Grrrrrrr!  It’s cheap fencing from the pound store, but it was a hideous green… 5 hours and two layers on both sides, and it’s finally white(-ish).

Ignore the fact that it’s all wonky, I don’t care, but I’m sure my other half will be straightening it out at some point this evening… as he does care.  😀

And beacuse I’m an idiot that doesn’t learn… I intent to by a whole shed load of them, paint them and use them as borders between the lawn and the path all over.


And I got the two little hanging baskets I wanted for the new shed!  Uber-cute!  Again from the pound store, so an absolute bargain.