Yoins review


Please keep in mind this review is based on my interactions with the company through Polyvore, or thanks to Polyvore.  I would probably never have gone onto their website if I hadn’t had interactions with them beforehand on Polyvore.


Website:  ★★★★★

A user-fiendly website!  Easy to navigate, and to find exactly what you’re looking for.  😀


Check-out/shipping:  N/A

The checkout is simple… but I’m still gonna keep it as an “N/A”, as I don’t know how long their processing or shipping time is.


Merchandise:  N/A

None received.


Interactions:  ★★★

They’re too nice!  😀

No really, they’re as nice as pie!  A little too nice for me… as I had won a $60 voucher from them…  and when I finally got my new card sorted (had to open a new bank account after paypal decided to limit my account, and thus making it impossible for me to use the card I have on file with them to make purchases though paypal without logging in), I went back to use it.

However, as I had already tried (but never succeeded thanks to fucking paypal), my voucher was now invalid…  but I have had quite a few interactions with Yoins before I re-tried… and they’re so incredibly nice I don’t want to bother them with my voucher problem.  🙂


I had originally given them 5 stars here on the interactions… but I’m deducting 2, after a bizarre message that I had won $30 vouchers with them…  which I hadn’t!  In the past I have won $60 voucher, which got lost in the big nothingness of internet-land, and also a $20 voucher (I wouldn’t have a clue whether it works anymore or not… as my $60 isn’t working… and I would much rather use a $60 voucher than a $20 voucher!).  I have never won a $30 voucher with them.

Found this VERY strange indeed – are they just contacting random people and handing them vouchers?  Why then claim they’d won?  Anyway, I declined, as it wasn’t my voucher to keep.


Would I shop with them in the future?

Hmmmm…. no.  Yup, it will have to be a no.  The fact that my voucher stopped working even though I never got to check out, makes me feel a wee bit iffy about their check-out, so I would give it a miss.

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