No twinkle from the Christmas Tree this year…


Well… with 4 cats under a year old I figured there would be NO point in putting up the Christmas tree, as it would only be on the floor ALL the time.  😀

It’s bad enough with two adult cats (Pie knocked the tree over atleast once a day last year), and I could picture the havoc with the other 4 on top.

So no tree this year.  But I love the light from the Christmas tree.  I wouldn’t mind having a Christmas tree up all year.  🙂

Nor am I putting out any other Christmas decorations, as they would just end up broken… but I have put up the garlands (with lights), and used a wall as a substitute Christmas tree.  High up, in the hope little paws won’t be able to jump up, and away from the curtains (as they are being used a playground).

So, although no tree is up, there’s still a little bit of that Christmas twinkle on show.  😀


Otherwise this has been a dreadful week… 2 hospital appointments (luckily not both of them mine), and it really takes so much out of me getting dressed in anything else but PJs, and venturing outside.  I’ll be paying for it for a few more days.

It’s absolutely freezing, which is clearly affecting the arthritis on top of everything else… so it’s all fun and games.  😀

Here’s one of the bigger monkeys walking on the ice on the pond (don’t worry, it’s not completely frozen, just away from the pump):

DSC_0001 (2)

Summer Sea


Days out during the summer… that’s what I love.  🙂

Pic taken on Friday… weather was glorious, so we decided to take a few hours by the sea.  It was absolutely wonderful, although I suffered for it yesterday (health still crap, now supposed to get one of those heart monitors to wear for a few days).

Hidden in-between


My poor little BBQ sits between an old rusty bucket and a terracotta pot.  🙂

I was just about to post about my BBQ (or lack of!), when I saw that this weeks photo challenge is “Between“.  Perfect!

Other half recieved some OXO goodies in the post today (will post pic later on twitter), which made me think of BBQs… or the lack of them.  I used to have a fantastic Weber Spirit BBQ… it was amazing, and it was way too big.  This was the sort of BBQ that could easily deal with frequent and massive BBQ parties.  And you’ll be happy to know the BBQ is now with a large family!  It was simply too big for us, and thus didn’t end up getting used.  To drag the massive beast out, take off cover and start up the gas was too much for just a couple of burgers.

And I remembered the little blue bucket BBQ we once had… which has for the last few years been used as a planter.  Bless.

We’ve been talking of actually building a BBQ outside, but my thoughts was just to make something that looks the way I want it to… but to actually just have room for one of those disposable BBQ trays in it!  I’m so clever.  However… the other half now wants to build a blooming pizza oven!!!

Ok… so he makes amazing pizzas.  Award winning pizzas to be exact (yes – really!  I’m a lucky gal)… and I’m sure they would be even nicer made in a woodburning pizza oven… but all I want is a place where I can slap on a burger or some vegetarian sausages!!!

One of us will get our way.  😀


And of course the babies helped me take a pic of the BBQ bucket:



It’s pure magic!


Took this picture of a gorgeous sheep a few years ago… and coming home uploading it to the computer there was something extra – the sheep is floating in a magic mist.

Don’t even think about saying it’s bit of the fence, or the camera strap (don’t you dare!!!)… it’s magic mist.  End of story.  😉


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Twist in the “tail”


Well, here’s a pic I took of Pot, a few summers ago on an evening walk by the river…

And although I’m cheating by using two images, the twist in the tale is that when coming home and adding the pics from the cameras onto the laptop… I found this pic taken by the other half – a pic of me taking a pic.



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Somewhat haiku-free:

The challenge is clear –
Have a read about it here.
I‘m giving rhyming a go –
So here’s my attempt on show:

I normally rant and rave,
Show off my pets, and try to behave:

No deep, thoughtful posts about,
Occasionally some swearing I spout.
The pics are of flowers and pets,

All posts are without regrets.

Here you’ll find lots of spelling mistakes,
And sometimes pics of cakes I’ve baked.
I‘m just me, and if you don’t like what you see –
Kiss my ass – there’s plenty that agree.
Unfit for purpose my blog might be
...but at least it’s somewhat haiku-free!

In the pink?


Nope, def not “in the pink” at the moment, but, although today is worse than yesterday, it’s certainly so much better than Tuesday!  😀

Apart from my headaches having gone from bad headaches to migraine intensity, Tuesday I found myself puking… and realised I’d wasted a lot of time wanting to puke (in the hope I would feel better), as it did bugger all for taking the queasiness away.  And just to make sure it’s kicking me while I’m down, my body has now decided to bless me with eye floaters.  Just what I wanted – big swimming black spots in my right eye.  *sigh*  I thought they’d be temp, but the wee bugger’s been there for a week now, and it’s really annoing me, so I keep wearing a hat pulled halfway over my right eye.  Sexy.

But – the good news is I got my ECHO coming up next week.  Yay!  Only problem is that doesn’t actually fix anything, but hopefully the scan will take me down the right path to be fixed.  😀



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Travel without a goal…


I so cheating for this weeks challenge… as I didn’t take the above pic, and there’ certainly no movement.  😀

But that’s a picture of me, on one of our “we got no idea where we’re going, but I’m sure well find some interesting things along the way” days out.

This weeks challenge is “On the move”, and on a nice weekend we don’t like to sit about.  At the moment the garden is getting all the attention, but as soon as that’s done, and I’m hopefully better, I cannot wait for our days out.

We just go – no plans, no mission, no goal – just hop in the car, and drive on the roads we generally don’t travel on.  Sometimes we don’t get further than a few miles away, as we’ll spot an interesting building, or a nice river, or a hidden beach, or a lush forest… sometimes we drive for hours.

You don’t need to hop on a plane to a sunny beach to feel like you’ve gotten away from it all.  Sometimes we bring a picnic, sometimes we’ll stop at a small cafe… sometimes we’ll pop into a supermarket and grab a sarnie, munching on it whilst still continuing on our journeys.  These days out, whilst travelling without a goal, are like little holidays, and very precious to me.


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