Basic PSP

Here’s a few quick Paint Shop Pro tutorials.  Starting with the very basics.

The first 6 tutorials will teach you how to make an image like this:


Into an image like this:


I have used version X3 in all of them, but just about all versions are similar, so it shouldn’t be too hard to do them on a different version.

You can download a trial version of PSP online.  If I remember correctly it’s 30 days free.  If you like it, buy it.  If you don’t delete the program from your device.

I got my version on ebay, and it cost me approximately £40 (it’s the Photo edition, so cheaper than the full one… and that was years ago, so should be much cheaper now).  As I use it on all my images, it works out very cheap indeed if you divide the price over all the times I’ve used it.  😀

These 6 tutorials might seem like a lot of work.  And they might be the first couple of times around… but this is something that now altogether takes me less than a couple of minutes to do:

1:  Cropping an image

2:  One-step photo fix

3:  Adding texture

4:  Blur

5:  Adding text, bevel and shadow

6:  Making part of an image black and white, using layers and eraser tool

3 thoughts on “Basic PSP

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  2. I love Paint Shop Pro. Bitty is gorgeous and it’s a stunning shot! Great editing as well. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    • Thank you – Bitty was my angel. Sweetest kitty to ever have walked the earth.

      I love PSP too, have bee using it for many years. Great fun to play around with.

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