YoYo Melody review

YoYo Melody

Please keep in mind this review is based on my interactions with the company through Polyvore, or thanks to Polyvore.  I would probably never have gone onto their website if I hadn’t had interactions with them beforehand on Polyvore.


Website:  ★★★★★

Very nice!  Easy to use, easy to search, and also easy to choose price range or colours.


Check-out/shipping:  ★★★

The check-out process was easy and quick when I eventually got there… getting there was the problem!  See “interactions” for more details.  Processing time was just a little over a week.  Updated me as soon as the items were sent off.  Parcel was shipped off 27th of November, and didn’t arrive until the 22nd of December.


Merchandise:  ★★★

Received two items, a jacket and a jumper.  If I was to only score it on the jacket – it would be five stars!  The jacket is fab, and exactly like pictured on their website.  (Will post pictures at a later date).

However, the jumper is sadly very disappointing, which is such a shame, as it’s actually brilliant quality.  It is however a knitted jumper, and where there’s a pattern, half of the jumper has become a different colour.  As said, excellent quality, and the one-size fits a normal sized human (not just tiny little elven creatures)… but the colour is a massive let down.  (Will post pictures at a later date).


Interactions:  ★★★

I got the feeling they genuinely try to be helpful… but the emphasis here is on “try”.  🙂

I won vouchers with them, and when I tried to go and check-out it told me my voucher wasn’t valid.  Hmmm… so I contacted them saying my voucher didn’t work.  They got back to me and said it did.  So I tired again, and once more my voucher didn’t work.  So, back again – this time armed with a screenshot to prove that my voucher didn’t work… and this time I was informed my voucher hadn’t worked as I had tried to buy something that was on offer!  Well – no-one ever told me not to get anything on offer.  Anyway, I was informed they’d fixed it.

So, back again, and this time change my order, as I now feel like an idiot having tried to order two items, both on “offer” (I never noticed… I find these sort of places generally stick everything on “offer”).

This time around the voucher works… and I make my order…

Only to get an e-mail saying that one of the items I’d ordered wasn’t available.  Ok, so they’d forgotten to update their website, so I head back to find a replacement – only to find that the item I’d ordered is STILL available to order on their site!!!

This pisses me off.  I mean really pisses me off.  So I ask how long it would be until the item IS gonna be available, and that if it’s a long time, I would rather be refunded the money I had paid for postage, and be given a new voucher for the rest.

So, they get back to me, not answering how long it was gonna take for the item to be available again, but to tell me that I couldn’t be refunded the shipping and the voucher, as the other item I had ordered was already “processing”.  They did however seem truly sorry for the situation.

I, on the other hand, was having a shitty day, and behaved like the bitch from hell (sorry YoYo Melody, I took my frustration out on you).  In the end I agreed to another item, but was truly fucked off with the whole thing.  Why would they “process” one part of an order?  I would have been happy with a full refund, and would have saved my voucher until there was something else I wanted on their site.


Would I shop with them in the future?

Yes!  My jacket is EXCATLY as depicted on their website, and the jumper/sweater I got IS excellent quality (I am just so dissappointed with the colour variance).

As long as I wasn’t in a hurry, and stayed away from anything knitted with an intricate pattern, I would have no problems at all shopping with them in the future.

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