Direct sale?

You don’t need a fancy shop to sell your photos direct – there’s fairs and also the online option!



Do you really want to fork out on a fancy-pancy online shop?  What are you marketing it is?  “Beautiful photgraphs”?  Do a google for that and see how many hits there are.  Do you really think yours will show up on the first page?

Unless you got a very niche market, like “naked feet photographs, perfect for those with a foot fetish”, then chances are you won’t be ranking high on search engines… which means your online sales will be driven by you.  You will need to advertise it, on your blog, on twitter, on facebook – everywhere online.

Can you be bothered?  If you can – good for you!  And as long as you can be bothered to do that, then there’s no need for any fancy shop, use Etsy, or Folksy, or why not try out Ecwid which can be integrated here on wordpress?



This can be great fun!  It can also be quite an expense depending on the fairs you end up at.  Sadly people are complete and utter dickheads, and if they know of a good fair coming up, you can be damed sure they won’t spread the word about it until it’s too late to enter.

However, do some research online, contact the organisers of the fairs and see how much footfall they’ve had on prior occasions.  Don’t be scared to ask questions!  Especially regarding insurance.  All I’ve been to you need your own liability insurance.  Again, don’t just pick the first one showing up on a search – call around until you get a good deal – it shouldn’t cost much.

Do go to fairs and see what peoples stalls look like.  Do you want a streamlined look to match your abstract black and white pictures?  Or a whimsical look to match your colourful pictures in fancy frames?  Do practice setting up your stall at home before you go to a fair!

Don’t let the price of a stall at a fair deter you.  I’ve been to fairs costing £1000 and gone away with good profit, and I’ve been to fairs costing £30 and not having made a sale.  It’s all about the footfall versus the price, not just price alone.

If you got balls – find the busiest supermarket around and ask if you can set up a stall near their entrance/exit!  You might be able to get it for free (supporting local artists and all that, big companies love that sort of shit), or donating a percentage of your sales to their chosen charity.

And get yourself business cards!!!

Business cards is a must.  Even if people don’t buy from your stall, make sure you stick a card in their hand… and they might very well remember it come birthday and Christmas time.

There are a few things that are important with a business card:

Make sure it represents what you do!  If you’re selling photos, don’t get a bloody card with a cartoon on it!

Make sure it has your name!  Who wants to get in contact with someone if they don’t know their name?

Make sure it has contact details!  You don’t need to hand out your home address on it, but e-mail address and phone number is a must, even if it’s just a mobile/cell.

Make sure it has a web address, where people can see your work!  This doesn’t have to be a snazzy website, it can be something as simple as a flickr account, or maybe your wordpress blog.  If they happen upon your card in the future, although previously not haing bought you, it could very well be that they suddenly want photographs… and they will want to see what you’re offering.

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