6: Making part of an image BW, using layers, erasing

This tutorial is made using version X3 of Paint Shop Pro, but they’re more or less similar so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to do the same on a different version.

In all the tutorials I have used the same palettes and menu options.

Please make sure you read/do the three first tutorials first.  I will no longer be showing how to open/save an image.


Duplicate your image:

Locate your image layer to the right


Right click on your image layer, and chose Duplicate.


Click on the new layer to highlight it



Make black and white:

Go to Effect – Photo Effects – Black and White Film.


I always use preset.  Click OK when happy.



Use Eraser:

Click Eraser Tool – play around with shape, size and hardness until suitable.

Left click and drag over your image where you want the black and white erased and the colour to come through.



You will now have a partial black and white, partial colour image:


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