Sell stuff with your pics on?

This is actually quite fun to do… and I know a few people that makes sales now and then.  Of course the ones that sell a lot also spam like maniacs about their “awesome stuff” all over all social networks.  😦   Good thing is that there’s no outlay!


Places where you can add your images to items, without an outlay:

Zazzle – I really like this site – it’s so easy to upload and edit.  Very userfriendly!  Downside there’s less you can do to your site and less products than Cafepress, but much prefer Zazzle over that one.

Cafepress – You can do quite a lot with your store here, but the site feels a little dated and not very user friendly.  I can never seem to set the prices to the amounts I want – they seem to have a life of their own.  😦  I have however sold stuff on there with my pictures on.  🙂

Redbubble – This somehow managed to be even simpler than Zazzle.  🙂  Very easy to use, very quick to use.  Much less items that Cafepress, and fewer items than Zazzle.  Don’t know if things sell without being promoted or not though, as just signed up to be able to review for this page.

Society6Easy to use and upload, I especially like that you simply click on the tags that are relevant.  However – you need big kick-ass pictures if you want to have you images on other things than prints.  And you need to crop them to the correct size.  A little bit too much hard work for my liking. ..  but I do love the little “love” button that people can press on your stuff.  NB:  Small outlay of $1

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