About me

DSC_0780 Well, that’s me there over in the pic… the human subject that is – the JR is my eldest canine baby.

I adore my furkids.  They’re not a substitute for human kids, I never wanted any of those.

I’m owned by two JRs, two four six (!!!   God help me) cats and 6 fish…  they are an absolute joy, and an absolute pain in the arse at the same time.

I also have what I like to refer to as “the other half”… truth to be told he is “the better half”.  He’s far from perfect – but he’s perfect for me.  He is also just about the opposite of me.  Where I will go old school Bible (an eye for an eye), he’s more a “turn the other cheek” person… much to my annoyance.

I blog about “crap”.  I like the word crap.  Crap to me doesn’t actually mean “crap”, it just means something that’s not important in “the big picture”…  and when it comes to it, I don’t think anything happening in my life is important in the big picture… so anything can basically be catagorised under crap.

If you’re not interested in crap, but instead seek meaningful and thoughful posts – you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you mind swearing – you’ve come to the wrong place.  If you like to see cute pics of kitties and doggies – you’ve come to the right place.   And if you like to read about a woman complaining about crap – you’ve come to the right place.  😉

10 completely useless facts about me:

  1. I bite my nails.  This doesn’t make me a nervous wreck, but it is indeed a disgusting habit.
  2. I love wearing glasses.  I used to have loads of different pairs, but my eldest JR chewed most of them to pieces.  I now make do with the handful I got left.
  3. I love reading.  Any book will do.  However, as I get completely absorbed in a book, I read very rarely now.  A sacrifice to make a relationship function.  Instead we watch films together.
  4. I have cat-tail envy.  Oh how I wish I had a fabulous furry tail – one I could swosh about if angry, bush up if agressive, and curl up with if snoozing.  Next life I want to come back as my own cat.
  5. I can’t cook.  This isn’t to say I won’t cook, oh I’ll happily slap something up in the kitchen, but generally it results in some inedible slop that cannot even be fed to the dogs (this says a lot – I’ve seen them eat “snacks” out the littertray!).  Luckily the other half is a brilliant cook (having been both a baker and a chef) and I feast very well indeed.
  6. I love chocolate.  Love it – love it – love it.  Dark choclate, milk chocolate, with our without nuts and various other goodies… it’s all good with me…  apart from white chocolate.  Whoever came up with that dreadful thing should be punished.
  7. I poke fun of crappy advertisements on the telly.
  8. My attention span is generally short…  Most things grab my attention, but then my mind will wander else where and whatever I was doing will be forgotten for something new (lets see how long I can keep this blog thing going… my bet is 2 months)
  9. I never wanted kids, and yet I mourn the child I never had.  (I do however have two grandkids, incase you get a little confused if I’m blogging about kids clothes)
  10. I smoke.  A lot.  I love smoking, and still wish I could quit.  When the day comes and I no longer enjoy it, it will hopefully be easier.

30 thoughts on “About me

  1. Excellent I like crap too and have the disgusting habit of biting my nails…….I feel I know you! 😀

  2. I like the cut of your jib young lady, you have made me laff for sure!
    Great photos (you are really rather good) and cute babies (it’s ok, my dog is my kid too). I think I might have to follow you, in that non-stalker sense, of course.
    Thanks for the like too!!

  3. I liked your “about” page and can relate to the “love chocolate” and “can’t cook” sentiments. I have a cat with the most beautiful 12 inch long tail I’ve ever seen, so I know what you mean about cat tail envy.

    The older I get, the more I like my dogs and cats. They’re honest.

  4. Hey thanks for the follow 🙂 I talk a lot about “stuff” I am a big fan of stuff and I stuff around all over the place

  5. Totally made my day reading this. I laughed out loud especially at litter box snacks. And saying goodbye to cigarettes was like losing my best friend (I did get over it though. But when I turn 70, I may reconsider this whole health thing.)

  6. Okay, I was loving your list of ten, each one better than the last, but the second I got to #5, I was hooked! Can’t cook to save my life. It drives me crazy that I’m a pretty creative person, and I certainly love to set up for parties and set great tables and make everything look fun, but when it comes to putting food on the plate, well, that’s crap 😉 Thanks so much for your follow. While I’m late in getting here, I’m delighted to have made it – I am looking forward to doses of crap from you 😀

  7. Crap. That’s a word I was never allowed to say when growing up. Mom would always admonish me. But I do like the word and use it often. Thanks for reminding me about it again and thanks for the follow. I don’t usually write about crap but then again, maybe I should start. . . .

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    • Awww – thank you… hat’s really sweet, and esecially that you called me “lovely”… which isn’t a word I am associated with often! Hahahaha! Stubborn, awkward, rude… oh yes… but “lovely” – not so often. 😀

      And it’s exactly the kick up the ass I needed to make a “no-award” pic. 🙂 Not that I don’t appreciate it, but these so called awards seem like a heck of a lot of work to me. 🙂

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