My blog sometimes contains links.  Sometimes I add links beacuse I think there might be something you want to see/read in context to what I’ve written… sometimes I add them beacuse I personally would have found it useful.

Sometimes I add a link beacuse I’m blogging about something I really like, or someone/something I’m grateful for, and I want to give everyone else a chance to feel the same way.

I am in no way a PR friendly blog.  (Felt this needed to be highlighted, as I keep getting contacted by blogging companies – stop contacting me!  I am not willing to sell my soul for some crappy products!  If you do however wish for me to review how I would spend £100,000 I am more than willing to stoop that low – otherwise:  Fuck off!)  I do not praise crap in the hope people will give me more of said crap.  I am just as happy to bitch about something as I am praising something.  But I’ve found in the world that people are very good at slagging something off, but sadly far less good at praising something when they’re happy.

I however, will happily type out an e-mail to a company and thank them for a good product, or good service I’ve received.  Sometimes they don’t give a shit that I took the time to do so, sometimes they’re very happy to get a virtual pat on the back.  Either way is fine with me… it matters to me that I took the time to thank them.

So if a post seems like I’m praising something to high heaven – I actually am.  As in – I really think that item/service truly is the dogs bullocks.  Without having been bribed or paid to do so.  And the same goes the other way – if I’m bitching about some terrible service or product – you can be damed sure I truly think it’s shite.

Everything written on this blog is my personal opinion… the world and truth as I see it.

A few of the links I post are referral links.  If you got a problem with that – though-titty!  I don’t make much on them, we’re talking pennies, and if you don’t think I deserve the few pennies the link might generate, the link I posted useful information about for you, on how to sell your images… well, then that says a lot more about you than me.  Remember – you don’t lose out on anything (on the opposite, you can actually gain on some of them), it just means the bigboys (or fatcats, if you prefer) on top of a large company earns a little less than what they would have.

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