2: One-step photo fix

This tutorial is made using version X3 of Paint Shop Pro, but they’re more or less similar so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to do the same on a different version.

In all the tutorials I have used the same palettes and menu options.


Open image:

Click on File – then Open.  Choose which image file you want to open.


You will now have your image showing:



Use one-step photofix:

Go to Adjust – choose One-Step Photo Fix


PSP will now how done what it thinks the image needed to be improved:



Save your image:

Click on File – then Save As





5 thoughts on “2: One-step photo fix

    • Sometimes it’s brilliant, and the pic comes out just like I imagined. Othertimes I just stare at it and use the back button, wondering what the heck the one-step was thinking. 😀

      • Yes it does. 😀 I like the advanced option playing with black and white, but the “suggested” option seem to always give me yellow images. 😀

      • Well, that’s not nice of it at all! 😆
        I am glad to have found another PSP fan. There are not many of them on WordPress as most use Photoshop. I am going to log out here and log in with my other account so I can follow you there as well. 😀

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