I love this idea…


The above that is – an armchair as a guest bed!!!  Yes, I’ve seen the cheap folding square block futon ones before… but I have never seen one like this before.  I have to say it’s blooming genius.  😀

I got two spare bedrooms, in one I have a fantastic leather sofa bed, which I got at an unbelieveable steal, as the shop was getting rid of that colour… I got it for less than a quarter of the full price.  OK, so I managed to get stuck in the room whilst trying to stick it in there myself… but I was prepared and had both fags and a phone on me.  Hahahaha.  Called the other half, and he came home to push the sofa (oh my goodness it’s so heavy) in and free me from my temp “jail cell”.

I have no need for the two spare rooms to be bedrooms as such, as they wouldn’t be used if they were bedrooms, what I need is usable rooms that can be used as bedrooms when needed.  The room with out beautiful leather sofa bed, is used as our “talk in peace and quiet room”.  It’s where we’ll go without the dogs if there’s something we want to sit an discuss without the distraction of television of pets jumping all over us.

My other spare bedroom is my painting room.  I paint on the floor.  Always paint on the floor.  But sadly there’s not much floor space.  It’s a small room, one I would classify as a “box room”, which was advertised as a “single bedroom”, and which the surveyor we had to have in when changing mortgage providers managed to classify as a “double bedroom” (sure, you can get a double bed in, but you wouldn’t be able to open the door!!!).

The problem is the blooming bed that’s in there.  I actually like the bed, it’s just about the sturdiest bed ever made, bought 7 years ago second hand for a small penny, and I painted it black, as I wasn’t keen on the “orange pine” (you know when what was once lovely blond pine starts looking like an orange?).  The matress we bought a couple of years ago, as we got a superb deal on memory foam matresses… so it’s a comfy, sturdy bed, which I quite like the look of.


But… as you can see – the bed takes up just about the whole room…  leaving me with just a tiny little space on the floor in front of it to paint on.  Alright, so I’m not the biggest person there is – but I got a LOT of paint!  Which I like spreading all over the place.  😀


(I love my wee dresser, it was a project… and it’s packed with papers, paints and brushes… only thing that’s not in it is my acrylic paint, which is in a huge pail in the wardrobe behind the door – too much of it to fit in the dresser)

So… there’s competition where you can win an item from Furniture Choice – and that’s where I spotted the fab armchair.  I have to admit venturing on there to find a footstool, as that’s something the other half wants – bugger him!  I want the chance to win an uber cool armchair bed that would take up half the space the bed I currently got does.  Do I need it – absolutely not.  Do I want it – oh yes.  😀

So, if you’re in the UK and want to enter – hurry up (I’m so late, but today’s not been too good, will hopefully post about it later) – as it ends TODAY!  Hop on over to Furniture Choice to read more about it.

A little bit of sunshine


I love buttercuts – they always bring a smile to my face.

Sadly not much flowers in the garden yet, although there’s some gorgeous purple ones hanging over a wall, that I keep saying “I must take a pic of those” to myself… and never seem to get around to it.

So – here’s a pic of some buttercups in a meadow, taken quite a few years ago.


Posted for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:  Flowers – http://ceenphotography.com/2014/04/29/cees-fun-foto-challenge-flowers/


Alright.  I’ve just about given up…  have been updating my youtube playlist (up to a massive 30 songs in 7 months – hahahaha)… and there’s a song that’s not there.

Not there or anywhere!  I cannot find this bugger of a song anywhere.  Only thing I can find about it is a blog link from 2006, where there once upon a time used to be a download link, which has dissappeared into the big nothingness.

Does anyone know of where I can get my greedy little claws on “(Streets of) Oblivion” by a band that might, or might not, have existed at some point, called “Love Deniers”.

I heard the song once, on a tape recorder in a dingy basement, and I’m now completely stuck on my “amazing” playlist, as I need this song.



I got it!!!  I got the song!!!  A massive thank you goes to the amazing MFT3F on twitter – thank you so, so much!!!  And I still like it.  😀

That’s just f#©king great


Kind of feel like this is more suitable as a Wordless Wednesday post, as I feel the pic says it all.  😀

However, this is posted in response to “Letters”… I always find it amusing that people sometimes replace a few letters in a swearword with symbols.  Pictured is one of my fave t-shirts.  Quote from a film that’s not a fave, although it was entertaining enough.  But I love this t-shirt.  Love it, love it, love it.


Posted for “Letters” – this weeks photo challenge:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/letters/


Also – if you can be bothered to read the whole post, I’ve just set up a new twitter account… it’s lonely there.  I need some people to follow!  Let me know where you are on twitter, and I’ll give you a follow (or give me a heads-up on twitter) Cheers.


Well, the above title refers to a book, a book by Rob Grant.  A book that made me laugh.  I hate the term “laugh out loud” as I generally find that as soon as something has been refered to as “laugh out loud”-funny, it will never actually make you laugh in real life.

This book however made me laugh, to the point I’m pretty sure I snorted.  And as far as I can remember, this is the only book that’s made me laugh out loud.  Oh, there’s many books that makes me smile, and plenty I find amusing without smiling… but this one I will always remember as the book that made me laugh.

It’s far from my fave book, best book I’ve ever read is “Count of Monte Cristo”, but I also have a soft spot for “Don Quixote” (to the point I once named my beautiful little gerbil after the horse in the book)…  and although I loathe the Lord of The Rings films, I’ve read the books in three languages.  Still, give me a Stephen King book any day, and I’ll be as happy as a pig in mud.  😀


So, “Incompetence” is far from the best book in the world… but it’s lighthearted and short – perfect for a depressing day.  I could fault it in a hundred ways, but none of them matters – what matters is that you will be in for a fun ride!  Plenty of places where you will feel a smile spreading on your face… and of course my fave – the cheese scene.  I’m not gonna give away any spoilers, if you read the book you will know what I mean straight away.

The book is set in a future (that seems more and more likely to actually happen.  *sigh*) where political correctness has gone too far, and all the headaches that ensues.

There’s plenty of deaths and fairly rank things happening, so if that’s not your thing, than you might want to stay away, even though the cheese scene is worth it.

Apart from that, I’m not gonna mention any more about the plot, as it doesn’t really matter…  what matters is that it’s fun, it will cheer you up, and (quite sadly) you will be familiar with the stupidity of people you encounter in the world.


So, why the sudden book review?  Well, this is where I’m supposed to learn to keep my mouth shut – but how the heck can I when there’s a Chesterfield chair up for grabs!?!  Aaaaaaaargh…  I’ve wanted one of these for years, as it would have been perfect in the livingroom.  Of course I never expected to get a proper one (no dosh for that sort of expense), but I was hoping to get a massproduced replica on the freebie section of Gumtree or Freecycle.  And I had no luck.  There was a few up for grabs, but too far from where we live to pick up.  I wasn’t fussed, beige, brown, red or black would have done me fine, tatty and ripped – no problem!  It was to be my dream chair, one perfect for curling up in, with a kitty or dog on the lap.  Now, I got a blooming piano in place where I always wanted the chair.  😦

So – get entering people – this chair is awesome!!!  And hopefully you don’t have to figure out where to put a piano if you win.  Open worldwide!  Yup, you read that right – they will ship to you anywhere in the world if you win.


Distinctive Chesterfields - Book Review Competition
Handmade English Wing Back Chairs

Free online courses (worldwide)

Free online courses from universities!  <— Click to visit Future Learn

Open to participants worldwide, and they got a nice wee selection of courses, albeit some might not be of too much interest to everyone (Dental Photography in Practice!).

All courses free, with some giving you the option to purchase a “Statement of Participation” (think certificate), but you don’t have to purchase it, just gives you the choice if you want to.


And a big thank you to Finisterre:

Here’s another place that does free courses online!  <—-  Click to visit Coursera

Loads of different courses – am sure there will be something that will tempt you.  Again, there’s the option of a paid for certificate at the end of some of them, but that’s optional… all courses are free.

And my other babies…

I love showing off my fourlegged kids, but sadly I don’t get too much of a chance of showing off my other babies – my 6 fish.

They’re pond fish, so it’s a little hard to get pics of them, especially with the pump running.  But today, I sat down (wearing 3 sets of PJs and a woolly hat – how sexy can you get?!?) in the garden and took some snaps before the pump was added. They’ve just moved into their new pond, 3 times bigger than the last one (this one is 3000l), and were absolutely loving it.  😀

I’ve had my eldest scale baby for a decade, and although she was the tinest little goldfish (feeder fish) ever, she already had colour, so she must have been a year old at that point.


The other 5 are her babies, and they’ll turn six this winter.  2 are trying to catch up to their mum in size (she’s the size of a guinea pig), and three are still fairly small (although of good size).


They’re a little bit of an odd bunch… the biggest orange(-y) baby only deveoped one gill, the white one’s dissappeared before she/he was a year old, and one of the little orange ones is slightly deformed with a wonky downwards pointing mouth (very cute!).  That said, they’re fesity, funny, and loving fish.  In the summer months they come like puppies when they get fed, and like to play with ping-pong balls floating in the water.  In winter they don’t do much, just move around slowly.


I don’t have the same sort of relationship with my fish as the rest of the kiddos, but love them to bits.


5 little babies!

Still around.  😀  Although, no thanks to the docs.  Bloody useless (completely incompetent morons), and blood tests now has to be redone again next week, after seeing the doc again, a doc who hadn’t even been bothered to read my records.  What a waste of my energy (which I’m so lacking!) having to walk to the docs, and of the docs time, although if all patients are treated like me you might as well have a piglet oinking around in the docs office instead of the doctor, as I’d get the same help, but atleast the piglet would have put a smile on my face.  So, that’s yet another trip for more blood tests and yet another blood pressure to be done next week (they just did my fucking blood pressure last week!).

So, not online much, got awful headaches, and laptop screen (although brightness turned way down) isn’t helping.  I just about only go online to whack on free bingo hourly.  😀

But – I thought I’d post this:


Ms Monkey-pie made 5 little babies today!!!

They are absolutely wonderful, and I’m so glad they’re here safe and sound.  Monkey-pie was supposed to be spayed in winter, but after 2 failed attempts (once she was sent home, the second time the car refused to start), I got a feeling it wasn’t ment to happen yet…  and I think this was the reason – 5 amazing little babies.  2 just like their gorgeous mummy, and 3 just like their handsome daddy (my tomcat was spayed 10 years ago, but the other half took a picture of Ms Monkey-pie’s “boyfriend” as he was wooing her… sadly I didn’t get the chance as it was whilst I wasn’t able to move).

I still don’t know what sex they are, as I don’t want to upset Ms Monkey-pie by moving them away from her to check yet, but will have a looksie in the next couple of days.



I have shamefully bet on the Grand National…

Yes, it’s not something I’m proud of… I have no love for horseracing.  I find it a brutal and unneccessary “sport”.

But, having never placed a bet in my life, and being able to withdraw £20 for free on one of the gambling sites I go to, I decided to try with £10.

The reason I’ve chose the Grand National is that online gambling sites are currently suckering in novices like me, by easily exlaining how to make a bet, and often with great deals (although all the deals are for new users, and I’m already signed up with all of them due to slots/casino/bingo).

So… £10 added to a bookmaker, I split it into four bets, £1.25 on each horse, but going for the “even match”… which truthfully although having read about it, I still go no idea what really means… although I think that means I win a little if the horse places in the top four.  Chosing this option takes each bet up to £2.50.  So, £10 spread over 4 horses.


I will not be wathing the race.  If one of the horses gets hurt, and chances are they will, I will be sobbing for hours.  However, I have learnt that placing a bet online isn’t as confusing as I envisioned, and this might be something I’ll consider for things like Snooker or Football.  😀

Hmmm… talking of confusing though, yesterday the other half asked me to take the custard out of the larder, no problem, I know what custard is.  But holding said custard, I asked “How do you want your hustard?”.  And spotting that I hadn’t actually said custard, but something made up instead, I quickly corrected myself and asked “Mustard, I mean.  How do you want you mustard?”  He then claimed there was no reason for him to want mustard, and I kept insiting whether he wanted it hot or cold.  *sigh*  In the end I got really annoyed, as he was the blooming idiot that had asked for it in the first place!  Eventually it dawned on me it wasn’t called mustard at all.  Doc seems to still be on for Monday (albeit if no worse it probably be Tuesday due to other half’s work).  Ack.

And here’s a pic of a sweet little pony, spared from any dangerous horseracing for entertainment.