4: Blur

This tutorial is made using version X3 of Paint Shop Pro, but they’re more or less similar so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to do the same on a different version.

In all the tutorials I have used the same palettes and menu options.

Please make sure you read/do the three first tutorials first.  I will no longer be showing how to open/save an image.


Use the Selection Tool:

Click on the Selection Tool – use Selection.


Chose selection type (circle used on example).  Make sure Mode is set to Add.  Play around with the Feather settings.  If the image is small, use a low setting, if the image is large, go high.

Left click on the image and drag to make selection



Invert selection:

Click Selections – then Invert




Click on Adjust – Blur – Gaussian Blur


Play around with the settings until you’re happy.  Click OK.



Your image will now how a blurred effect:



3 thoughts on “4: Blur

  1. I love the blur effects. In PSP X6 there’s the Depth of Field feature that does the same but with more options. Does X3 have that as well?

    • Yes it does… but have to admit I’ve never tried it. 😀 😀 😀

      But I will try it now. 😀

      I find that PSP is so under-rated. It’s got some ace features, and yet everyone raves about PhotoShop, which is so expensive.

      I did get a version of PhotoShop once, but having been used to PSP (I think I had version 2! And then 7, then X, and now X3) I couldn’t figure my way around it and deleted it.

      • It’s a great function and you must try it for sure. I love using it.

        I totally agree with you and I am not a Photoshop fan at all. The only time I use it is when I find new actions that I like. PSP is much more user-friendly than Photoshop and they can say what they want. I stick to my story. 😆

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