MasterChef – here I come! ;) #BettaRecipe


As I’ve said before… I cannot cook.  At all.  However, even I can make a delicious snack in the kitchen!

But… sadly my snack-making abilities stops at boiling water.  Normally not a problem, with my other half dishing up mouthwatering delights, but I did of course spot a fab competition this evening.  Which involves a vegetarian recipe.

I did mention I cannot cook?  Just wanted to make sure.  😀

Soooooo – here’s my recipe for oh so spicy noodles:




Cooking time:

  • 5 minutes, including preperation



  • 25p + electricity


Equipment needed:

  • Saucepan
  • Bowl
  • Pasta server
  • Fork
  • Stove


Step by step:


1:  Open pack of noodles.



2:  Add water to your saucepan.  Open “soup base” that came in the noodle pack, and whack in with the water.



3:  Chuck in the noodles with the water and soup base.  Throw away the wrapping the noodles came in.  Pot saucepan on stove, and turn up the heat.



4:  Whilst waiting for water to boil, open “Flavouring oil” and pour into bowl.  Throw away wrapper.



5:  Use pasta server to give the noodles a wee stir when water has reach boiling temperature.  Lower heat, and let simmer for a couple of minutes.



6:  Turn off stove.  Use pasta server to drain and spoon the noodles into bowl.



7:  Use fork to give noodles a good old whirl to get the oil to cover them nicely – enjoy!!!


If you can actually cook, and want to enter – head on over to Betta Living!  Post your vegeterian recipe in a blog post, and send them an e-mail with the link… ends today!  Must use ” #BettaRecipe ” in the post.


No, this isn’t serious, incase there someone with a bad case of “wet blanket”.  I needed something to cheer myself up.  Unless I’m the only entry (hey – it’s happened to me before!) I have no hope when it comes to anything that involves cooking.  😀

But – I am serious about these noodles!!!  These noodles are AMAZING.  They are so spicy, and absolutely fantastic.  I don’t order mine online, but buy them at Home Bargains when in store.  Eat them just like above, used them in stir fry.  Perfect for lunch or part of dinner… or like we occasinally do, just beacuse it’s so quick and easy, actually have the noodles as the whole dinner, and just have fresh bread with it.

20 thoughts on “MasterChef – here I come! ;) #BettaRecipe

    • They’re AWESOME! But it must be the stir-fry flavour (the other one’s just taste like any other boring noodles). I think word’s spread though, as it’s been a few times when they’ve been sold out. 😦 Always tons of the other flavours though, not that that’s of any good. It’s the oil that’s so spicy, sometimes I add cheese to the noodles instead of the oil, but I then save the oil, as it’s ace for a stir fry.

      Hmmmm…. although I think it might be the staff that’s buying them all. Each time I go, I grab about 20-30 packs… and when the staff looks at me like I’m a weirdo at the cash register, I just say “try them!”. 😀

      • Must of been all your readers that went out and walked out with caseloads lol! I’ll be searching very carefully through my aisle and making for the door like on a great escape XD

      • 😀 Aye – have an escape plan – run to the cashregister, and make a dash for it – try to outrun all the furious customers and staff that see you with the last few cases! I would suggest hiring a few body guards too, just incase those that are deprived of Koka noodles gets violent. 😀

        Now that I think of it, it might be safer to order online. 😀

      • I always wanted to see “The End”… and now I might even be the cause of it. Hahahahaha!

        Surely this would make an awesome film… WW3 breaking out due to “The Battle of Koka”, all the soup base spice flying about, mutating us to some noodle crazed zombies, and the world as we know it coming to an end. Thank goodness for my armoured shopping trolley!

    • I know… I tried to do it easily with step-by-step pictures… but I totally understand. 😉 It might be better to start with just boiling water, and work your way up from there.

      Do not fall for the trick that boiling an egg is “easy”! Those who say that has clearly never tried. Oh no, over boilt green eggs each and every time, as I am terrified of not boiling it enough and ending up with a runny egg. 😀

    • 😀

      I like baking too! I just find that supermarket ingedients here in the UK is very inferior to other places in the world… ground cinnamon for example – it taste like nothing!

      However, there’s still solutions… wholesale stores that sell to restaurants generally has better stuff, and asking at the bakeries in Asda’s and you can get fresh yeast. 😀

      But cooking… oh my. I suck. Majorly. 😀

    • Chicken!!! I’m not allowed to cook chicken – oh goodness me… the other half would have a heart attack if I he saw me with raw chicken! (I cooked for him once – he’s banned me from ever cooking again… I’m pretty certain he fears I’m trying to kill him with various raw ingredients).

      That looks lush though. 😀 Nom-nom-nom! (and the background music was very Twin Peaks-y),

      I think I’ll try to chocolate covered strawberries instead. 🙂 And I think my end result would be the same – hahahahaha!

    • Due to the popularity of my amazing recipe I’m currently feeling the pressure to write a cookbook.

      Do you think I should do one with all the different Koka flavours?


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