BlackFive review


Please keep in mind this review is based on my interactions with the company through Polyvore, or thanks to Polyvore.  I would probably never have gone onto their website if I hadn’t had interactions with them beforehand on Polyvore.


Website:  ★★★★★

I really like their website – so easy to use, perfect for browsing about.  Their search is decent, and it’s easy to choose which price range you want to browse.


Check-out/shipping:  N/A

Well… the reason I’ve never checked out is that they never fullfilled their promise of vouchers I’d won.  I was supposed to recieve $60 of vouchers from contests won on Polyvore, and they only supplied me with $35 of vouchers.


Merchandise:  N/A

See “Check-out” for details.


Interactions:  ★★★

Although they didn’t supply me with the amount of vouchers I had won, they are quick off the mark if you contact them, and are nothing but pleasant.  🙂

Their English isn’t perfect, but no problem understanding them, nor for them to understand you.

However, they were informed they supplied me with the wrong amount of credit, and instead of supplying me with the correct amount of vouchers, got back to me asking if I wanted the extra amount added.  *sigh*  Well – that was the point of sending off the e-mail to remind them they hadn’t credited my account with the correct amount!  So, I can’t be bothered anymore.  Their clothes might be nice (I wouldn’t know), but I’m done chasing for a measly $60.


Would I shop with them in the future?

No.  As I said above… their clothes might be nice, but I wouldn’t know.  That they forgot to give me the full amount of vouchers I had won, is perfectly ok… everyone fucks up.  😀

But that they didn’t rectify the problem when advised about it, make this a website I won’t be shopping with.


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