How to add a Flag Counter

Go to Flag Counter

Make yourself a flag counter.  You can preview what it will look like.  Try out a few different settings and find what you like.  There is no right or wrong – only what you like!

When you’re happy with the looks of your counter – click on “Get Your Flag Counter”.  You can choose to give them your e-mail address or not, up to you.  🙂

You will now see a box with an HTML code (the top one).  This is the code you will need.

Go to your dashboard here on wordpress

Go to appearance, then chose widgets


Scrolling down on the widget page, you will see a box saying “Text” – click on this one and drag it all the way up to your “Sidebar”.  (alternatively, if your theme got footers, you can add it there instead if you wish)


Now click on your new widget and add in the title you want.  I called mine “Visitors”.

In the box right below the title – add the HTML code from Flag Counter (if you don’t know how to copy and paste – it’s easy.  Just click on the code at Flag Counter, it will highlight everything in blue.  Right-click with your mouse on it – and choose “Copy”.  Now head on over to your new widget box in your dashboard here on wordpress and right-click inside the box right underneath “title” – now choose “Paste”).


Click Save!  You’re all done!

Remember you can drag the widget boxes into the order you want them showing.

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