MiniTake review


Please keep in mind this review is based on my interactions with the company through Polyvore, or thanks to Polyvore.  I would probably never have gone onto their website if I hadn’t had interactions with them beforehand on Polyvore.


Website:  ★★★★

They got a massive selection… and I mean massive!  Easy to navigate, and good fun to browse about.  However, I found that occasionally items from different categories sneaks into the category you’re browsing.


Check-out/shipping:  ★

Their checkout is bordering on ridiculous.  They have plenty of options, but my goodness are they making is difficult.

I tried to checkout via paypal (my paypal account has been limited due to spending and recieving too much, so I am currently NOT logging into paypal when I use it to check out, but instead use it to make payments with card without logging in), and they did not give the option to check out via paypal unless you log in.

Due to their stupidity when it comes to how people pay them via paypal, I then chose to pay with card, directly via their website (I have a card purposely for this, which has very little credit on it at all times, and cannot be overdrawn, incase there is a chance of card theft).  I have never had any problems paying with this card for any online purchases, however on MiniTakes website I get a message that says:



Merchandise:  N/A

Due to the way they have chosen for people to be able to pay with paypal (companies can choose to allow people to check-out without having to log in!), and some odd thing happening when trying to pay with card directly on their site, I have never recieved any items from them.


Interactions:  ★★

They are quick enough to reply (within 24 hours)… however, their English must be worse than what their replies imply, as the first correspondance I sent off to them explained the problem with the card payment, and that paypal wasn’t an option due to people being forced to log in… and they sent a reply for me to use paypal instead!!!

I got back to them again, as I figured an option could be with them sending me a paypal invoice, or alternatively explain to me what was going on with the card payment… and they just got back to me saying I should choose one of the other payment options.

I wouldn’t have looked at it as a big deal… but I was trying to get the other half a jacket.  Which would have been his Christmas pressie sorted… now I’m lumbered with the task of finding something else for him (he loved the jacket, and we were both looking forward to receiving it).  *sigh*


Would I shop with them in the future?

No.  Why would I want to waste my time picking out items,  only to find that it’s impossible to pay for them?

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