All images are mine unless otherwise stated.  Generally they’re mine, but occasionally one will be nabbed from Google with “educational purposes” in mind.  🙂

I’m no photographer, apart from in the sense of the word that I enjoy taking pictures… and I take a lot.  And I really mean a lot.  If something catches my eye I’ll take a whole fucking shedload of pics… and the whole monkeys in a room with typewriters comes to mind – generally a good one or two appears.

Unless an image is quite a few years old (I then had an Olympus, but cannot remember the model) my pics are either taken with:

My Nikon D3000 – curtesy of The Telegraph (I would never have been able to afford a camera like this, so am forever grateful of having won it in a competition held by them).  I don’t have any extra lenses, apart from the one that came with the camera.  It’s a kick-ass camera, and I love using it, and love the results.  It is however huge and bulky… and that’s where my other camera comes in:

My Samsung PL201 – a handy little camera to stick in a pocket or handbag.  I have a massive hatred for Samsung (damn you shitty company for making a telly that broke right after the one year warranty had ended – and damn you for making a shitty mobile that broke right after the one year warranty had ended!), but cannot fault this little camera.  Cheap and cheerful, and it takes great images.

2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Good morning. Could you tell me a little more about your bad experiences with your Samsung PL201. I just purchased a Samsung plasma TV. I guess I believed the advert hype about it being the best in the country. Keep in touch!

    • Sadly I cannot fault my wee camera. Yes, sadly. 🙂 It actually irks me that the little camera is working so well, as I detest Samsung. 😀

      We got a 50″ Samsung HD flat screen TV 4 years ago. Right after we’d had it for a year, a line appeared about 2 inches from the left side. We contact the shop that sold it to us, but as the one year warranty was just up they refused to help. So I contacted Samsung – sure a telly’s not supposed to do this after only a year! They just did a generic e-mail telling me to piss off. I contacted the CEO of Samsung, telling him about his shitty product and shitty customer service, he just forwarded my e-mail to the same shitty customer srvice who once more told me to piss off! Now fuming, I again conacted the CEO telling him about the shitty telly, the shitty customer service, and the shitty treatment from him – and the bastard managed to forward my e-mail to the same shitty customer service again!!!

      Now our lines are approximately 2″ in with – changing from colours to black, to the occasionally grey.

      We also had a Samsung smart phone, which again broke right after a year. *sigh*

      I do wish you the best of luck with your telly… hopefully they’ve improved their products… and if not, atleast their customer service. 😀

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