Ellen Page “comes out” as gay

Someone shared on FB a post about Ellen Page coming out as gay.  Really?

Why would she need to “come out” as gay?  I never came out as straight!

I like Ellen Page as an actress.  I liked Juno, Hardy Candy… and absolutely loved her in SUPER.  I never gave her sexual preference a single thought… but if anyone had asked me I would have said I think she’s gay.

But here’s the deal…  I have twice in my life told people I’m straight.  Twice.  In 37 years.  There’s never been a need for it at any point (and we’ll get to those points in a bit).  I can only assume there’s been no need for Ellen Page to tell people “sorry, mate, I’m straight”… people generally get the vibe whilst chatting to someone, whether to make an attempt to hit on them or not, without having to ask.

In my partying days however, there was two occasions where I told people I was straight.  One was a very charming lady in a lovely gay bar.  We kept bumping into eachother going to the loo (it was mainly a bar for guys, although there might have been a handful of women there).  Anyway, we were both quite intoxicated, and started chatting.  She didn’t make any moves or anything, but she suggested we’d meet up over the week and maybe catch a film.  I said something along the lines of “sounds great, but you might want to know I’m straight”.  She just smiled and said “well, that’s a shame”.  We kept chatting as we met over the night, but never went to the cinema.  🙂

The second time was to me hellish…  this time it was a gay club, which I used to frequent due to their awesome dance music.  This time the lady in question was much more determined.  She kept making eye contact and pointing at me, and then to her… and I kept ignoring her.  Popping to the loo later though the little bundle of muscle in army clothes follow me into the loos.  There was no asking of going to the cinema with this one, instead she pushed me up against the wall and tried to kiss me… luckily I was a head taller than her so her kisses wasn’t going anywhere…  I kept trying to push the little bitch off me, but my goodness it was like pushing a brickwall.  In the end two other girls in there had to help push her off, and I just looked at her and said “I’m not gay”.  Sadly she clearly didn’t care or not whether I was A: Gay, or B:  Attracted to her, and she followed me around the club.  To the point where I left, and went home for the night.

So… apart from those two occasions I’ve never seen the need to tell anyone about my preference on which sex I want to date.  And unless you’re trying to get into anyone’s pants – is there really a need to know whether they like males or females?

So my point is this – where exactly did Ellen Page come out from?  Seem to me more like she mentioned that she was gay… and considering the time and place, it was a suitable time to mention something like that.  I’m an alcoholic (sober 13 years this January), but unless I’m at an AA meeting it’s not something I go around and chat about.