Big and… eh… uber-cute and tiny!


Took this a couple of years ago… they were quite a bit away in the fields, but got some cracking pics of one of the cows that decided to have a grooming session next to the fence.

However, thought this pic would be suitable for this weeks photo challenge… big and small, baby and adult, light and dark.  🙂

My scrumptious boy modelling:


My gorgeous boy was modelling in the garden today, starting off with showing me his claws, just incase I forgot to pay him for his work.  😉

Don’t worry, he was paid in shrimp afterwards – so I’m not covered in scratches, and got a very happy boy indeed.  Excuse the slightly blurry pics, I’m using my left eye (as the right one is covered up) in the view finder… something I clearly need a wee bit of practice on.  Nevermind, he’s still as handsome as sin.  😀

And some rollig about showing off his gorgeous big tummy:

My dream bathroom…

It’s a little difficult to blog about my dream bathroom… simply beacuse I just about have my dream bathroom… for the house I got, that is. 😉

I love my bathroom… but it’s tiny.  I would love to get a new bathtub.  Not that I’m complaining, the one we got is deep and long, and doesn’t leak.  Hahahaha.  But it’s the bathtub that came with the house, and some of the enamel was chipped away.  A new bathtub was out of the question, so we tried enamel spray – with dismal results!  Hahahaha… it just made it look even worse, but nevertheless – it’s an excellent bathtub for taking a bath, although it might not be the most pleasing to the eye.

Sure we could now save up for a little while, and I could finally get the roll top bathtub I want… but there’s more to consider.  The walls would have to be retiled, as the tiles doesn’t go behind the bathtub, and we’d also have to get new flooring, as the floor covering only reaches to the bathtub, and not under it.  So instead of something that wouldn’t cost too much, we’d end up spending a fair bit, and making a heck of a mess whilst carrying out the work.

And here’s my bathroom:

Pics taken a few years ago, but it looks exactly the same, apart from the aquarium is swapped for a catbed, and the flowers swapped for a aloe vera plant in an ice bucket.  🙂

It wasn’t always my dream bathroom… in fact is was horrendous!  Here’s the pics (excuse the quality… I got no idea which CD they’re on, so instead took a pic of images I had printed myself… and hence all the stripes.  First pic taken first day moving in, the other one a week or so later, and you can spot the window frames become white, and new different curtains up) of what it looked like when we moved in:

It truly was awful.  First thing we did was expand it a little… there was a tiny hallway as you went to the bathroom, so we got rid of that one, and gained the space where we hang the towels and have the small white cabinet.  Then we put new tiles on the three sides (yes, three, as where the hallway was there’s huge closet, which is ideal, as we got the tumble dryer in there, plus all towels and underwear) above the bathtub.  Then we got an electric shower, as the previous owner brought his with him!!!  We then swapped around the toilet and sink places, to make better use of the little space we got.  We built a counter and got a new sink, and also built in the tank of the toilet.  Then it was the ceiling… we really wanted spotlights, so ended up panelling the ceiling!  Walls got panelled, and the room painted.  First we had it light blue, and then we changed it to the colour showed on the top two pictures.  The only thing we’ve changed since we did it up in the first place, is the floor.  We first had black tiles, now we got black lino (had just redone the floor on the top two pics).

So – my bathroom is my dream bathroom for the space I got!!!  😀

To get my true dream bathroom… well, then I would need a bigger house.  Hahahaha.  And what sort of bathroom would I want then?  Well – the one shown below on my quiz results from Victoria Plumb would do me just fine!  It’s absolutely gorgeous (and I’ll take the view too)!  And take the quiz – there’s £250 of vouchers up for grabs – and it’s fun to do.


I’m want:

  • More space
  • Roll top bath
  • Vintage and charming

Other then that I’m really not fussed.  🙂

But just incase there’s some confusion… here’s the sort of thing I’m looking for:


Posted for the awesome giveaway from Victoria Plumb hosted over at Mumsnet – you got until the 27th to enter, so hop on over!

DIY bra eye patch?

I figure the title would be read with a question mark on the end, so I added one.  😀

WTF is a bra eye patch?  Well – an eye patch made out of a bra, of course!

My eyes have been shagged for months now, with giant floaters in the right eye, and tiny floaters in the left eye (and I’ve also developed some mysterious “mist” the last week.  Whatever I’m looking at will completely disappear… it’s like someone’s taken airbrushing a few steps too far in my sight).  Have had them tested, and my eyes are “remarkable” (due to my prescription not having changed since I was 19), and nothing happening in my eyes are causing the floaters.

Only thing the optician could suggest was that I am so fatigued, my eyes would be too… so I figured until I see the specialist end of July, I had to take action as the blasted floaters is making me paranoid as fuck.  I keep thinking I’m seeing spiders!!!

So, went to pharmacy a couple of days ago – wanting an eye patch.  Surely the pirate look must be in this summer.  To my major disappointment – they had none!  Instead I came out with some shitty stick on pads, which cost a bomb, and falls off after about 8 hours.  If I do try to remove them before they start falling off themselves, it’s like someone’s stuck them on with superglue.  Grrrr.

So, last night I figured I’d google eye patches… and frankly, even with my dodgy eyes and arthritic fingers I’d figured I’d be able to whack something up.

Question was – with what?  I got no fabric… and it’s not that long ago that I took all unwanted clothes to charity.

And then the lightbulb came on – a bra!  I know I got a heap of old bras, stuck in the back of the wardrobe somewhere… so then decided to see if anyone had made one… but only found that bras are great as an eye patch for horses!  Well, if it’s good enough for the horses, it’s good enough for me. 🙂

And here’s the results:

One pirate patch, and one that slips over the glasses.  No more annoying pads that either falls off, or refuse to come off.  😀



Look at what arrived today!!!  Eeeeeeeek – so excited!  Massive big thank you’s goes to Victoria Plumb and Tots100 – am absolutely over the moon.  😀

Am so uber excited – we’ll be getting a new fridge.  Have been drooling over the super fridge freezers over at John Lewis, and cannot wait to order one… although I shall be doing my very best not to order it for a couple of weeks.

We’re moving the washing machine out of the kitchen, as we need to think of how we’re gonna do the layout when we start redoing the kitchen… so I shall try not to order until the washing machine is out and we can assess the space… whether I can restrain myself from ordering for a couple of weeks remains to be seen.  😀

Was gonna treat ourselves with the leftovers…. but I think we will save what’s left for a little while instead, and save up the difference for a new cooker.  I have to say, our cooker is amazing though.  Ancient, but amazing.  Well… ok, so one of the rings stopped working a few years ago, but the oven on it is pure magic (have to admit I’m not too chuffed the oven never really turns off completely, but instead has a nice heat constantly in it) .  Which in turn manages to turn into a problem, as there’s no glass on the doors, and if you forget to check things each minute you’re bound to end up with charcoal instead of dinner.  Nevertheless… it’s amazing!  Pizzas done in minutes, and we’ve learnt (read:  the other half) to make perfect roasts in it.  🙂

And to add to the good news – I managed to get a picture of my two adult kitties together.  Yes, it’s a rubbish picture – but I hurried as quickly as I could (which is’t very quick at the moment… been having a few bad days) and of course Monkey-Pie jumped down to see me.  But, blurry, and with subjects on the move – it’s still a picture of the two of them together!  😀


Hidden in-between


My poor little BBQ sits between an old rusty bucket and a terracotta pot.  🙂

I was just about to post about my BBQ (or lack of!), when I saw that this weeks photo challenge is “Between“.  Perfect!

Other half recieved some OXO goodies in the post today (will post pic later on twitter), which made me think of BBQs… or the lack of them.  I used to have a fantastic Weber Spirit BBQ… it was amazing, and it was way too big.  This was the sort of BBQ that could easily deal with frequent and massive BBQ parties.  And you’ll be happy to know the BBQ is now with a large family!  It was simply too big for us, and thus didn’t end up getting used.  To drag the massive beast out, take off cover and start up the gas was too much for just a couple of burgers.

And I remembered the little blue bucket BBQ we once had… which has for the last few years been used as a planter.  Bless.

We’ve been talking of actually building a BBQ outside, but my thoughts was just to make something that looks the way I want it to… but to actually just have room for one of those disposable BBQ trays in it!  I’m so clever.  However… the other half now wants to build a blooming pizza oven!!!

Ok… so he makes amazing pizzas.  Award winning pizzas to be exact (yes – really!  I’m a lucky gal)… and I’m sure they would be even nicer made in a woodburning pizza oven… but all I want is a place where I can slap on a burger or some vegetarian sausages!!!

One of us will get our way.  😀


And of course the babies helped me take a pic of the BBQ bucket:



If money was no object…

Outfit of the Day


As the title says – if money was no object – then I’d be wearing the above whilst walking the dogs!  😀

Isn’t is just perfect?  I love everything above – absolutely love it… it’s so me.  But of course, money is an object… and to have a specific summers-day dog walking outfit isn’t really an option… 😀

Instead – this is what I actually look like walking the dogs:


But, back to my dream dog-walking outfit, which consist of:

  1. A gorgeous cream lace dress from Topshop – so girly and summery!  Which is why in reality this could never be a specific dog walking dress… can you imagine what it would look like after having been walkies with two bouncy and muddy Jack Russels?
  2. A beautiful watch from The Watch Hut – and I can assure you it wouldn’t just be used for dog walking.  Beautiful enough for a night out, but still having that down-to-earth-look perfect for walking the dogs.  😀
  3. Practical boots from Deichmann – well, if you’re walking the dogs you need something practical… and these look like they will survive both mud and cow poo!  Hahahaha.
  4. A stunning cream lace parasol from Blissful Gifts Bridal – how pretty can it get?  Clearly very pretty!  I got this thing for lace parasols… I keep drooling over them online, but never taking the plunge actually getting one.  2 dogs and 4 cats – it would be shredded within 10 minutes… but a girl can dream.
  5. Fab handbag from Debenhams – I’m not much of a handbag-girl… but I love this one.  Cross-over bag, so no worries about it falling off anywhere, and I love that it’s simple, yet quite stylish.  Perfect for sticking a pocket camera, ciggies and a chocolate in!
  6. Cool sunglasses from John Lewis – in my ideal dog-walking fantasy I don’t need prescription sunglasses – and these are spot on to match the rest of the outfit.  I’d be the best dressed person walking their dogs – ever!
  7. And this lovely rustic necklace from Energy Muse – yes, this simple necklace would finish off the outfit to perfection for me.  😀


This is my entry for the fab “Outfit of the Day” giveaway hosted over at The MAD Blog Awards, thanks to The Watch Hut.  Super-fun to enter – and there’s still plenty of time left!  Ends 11th of July, UK entries.

Aaaaaaand – I’m so chuffed, big thank you to both The MAD Blog Awards and The Watch Hut – if it wasn’t for the giveaway I would never have discovered Polyvore!  I love it!!!  It’s a like a tidy Pinterest.  Hahahaha.  Only one problem… it could get addictive… very addictive indeed.  Am doing my very best to stay away from it… my bet is I’ll be able to stay away for a week… if I cannot be found after that – I’m over at Polyvore.  🙂

First water lily of the year!


Look what greeted me today!  I love it when the water lilies start blooming.  😀

This one is in the fish pond.  We bought both our lilies as bulbs a few years ago… the pink one (above) is doing great, and gives us quite a few flowers a year… the white one however has clearly got it’s mind set on world domination – and is growing like a proper bugger.  So far there’s already 4 bulbs on the white one, and the leaves are everywhere!

The white one is in the front garden pond (no fish), as it simply grows too much.  It had some sort of growth-spur last year, when the fish used to be in the front garden pond… so much so we had to remove it and stick it in the back garden pond (which at that point was much smaller and had no fish) – it was taking over the whole pond!

Now however, the white one can grow as much as it likes – it’s got the whole pond to itself, and the fish are very happy with the much smaller water lily in their new pond.  😀

It’s pure magic!


Took this picture of a gorgeous sheep a few years ago… and coming home uploading it to the computer there was something extra – the sheep is floating in a magic mist.

Don’t even think about saying it’s bit of the fence, or the camera strap (don’t you dare!!!)… it’s magic mist.  End of story.  😉


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