Style Moi review

Style Moi

Please keep in mind this review is based on my interactions with the company through Polyvore, or thanks to Polyvore.  I would probably never have gone onto their website if I hadn’t had interactions with them beforehand on Polyvore.


Website:  ★★

I hate their website.  Really, really hate it.  It does however get two stars, as it runs very smoothly and quickly… but it’s clearly meant for the young and hip.  I’m not young, and the only “hip-ness” going on is my hip hurting like a proper bastard.  😀

There’s no way to limit what you’re looking for, categories only, you cannot narrow it down… and it’s all set up in a horrible scroll way.  Possibly good for youngsters on their fancy smartphones, not good for me on my old laptop when I want to look for something specific.


Check-out/shipping:  ★★★★★

The check-out was nice and simple, and done in no-time.  The processing time was a week, before e-mail arrived item had been shipped off.  Item receieved within the 10 days expected from shipped out.


Merchandise:  ★★★★★

Excellent!  Firstly the package came well wrapped, and in a padded envelope with bubble print that made me smile.  😀

Secondly – the jumper I ordered is fab!  Well made, and exactly like the picture on their website.  It is however a summer jumper, so when weather permits, I will update with pictures.


Interactions:  ★★★★★

The five stars might be a little unfair, as I haven’t actually interacted with them, but it is of course a positive that there was never any need to contact them… it’s purely based on automatic e-mails from their site.  Their automatic messages are however great – easy to understand and instantly received when the order was done, and another message when the items was shipped off.


Would I shop with them in the future?

Yes.  I loathe their website, but cannot fault anything else.  😀

So if I ever get used to their horrid scrolling website, I would have no problems at all shopping with them in the future.

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