Polyvore collaborations

As I keep being contacted regarding sponsored sets / collaborations on Polyvore, I thought I’d make a page – please read before contacting me!  As chances are I’ll say no,and it would save both of us from wasting time.  🙂

Yes – I would be more than happy to do Polyvore collaborations, if your offer is something I am happy with.  I have turned down several companies, due to restrictions, or “stupid” offers.  If you keep constantly contacting me wanting me to make sets, after I have declined, you will be blocked (yes, sadly, this has been the case too).

I like my sets, and I like making them.  I would not be interested in working with you if you have rediculous demands on where to clip items from.  You want three items in a set from one particular category – well, chances are the sets won’t be to my standards – and I would rather not work with you, than make shitty sets.  🙂

Contact me

Or alternatively get in touch on Polyvore.


Here’s some guidelines to go by:

I need full control of where to clip items from your website to use in your sets.  I want my sets to look as nice as possible.  Trust me – I know how to make things look nice.

I want no time scale on when to finish the sets.  I will do them as and when I feel like it.

Example prices:

  • 10 sets = $30 /£20 = $3 / £2 per set
  • 20 sets = $50 / £30 = $2.50 / £1.5 per set
  • 30 sets = $60 / £35 = $2 / £1.2 per set

I know you work on a margin, so clearly the cost to you will be far less than the actual price quoted.

No monetary payments – everything quoted above is expected in credit on your website.

I expect free delivery.


That said – I am more than willing to negotiate.  Chances are there’s something on your website I want – and I will be more than happy to go higher.  Example is Vessos:   They have an excessively cheap coat that I would absolutely love!   I would have no problems at all making 20 sets for that coat… heck – I might even go to 30 sets.  I want – I want – I want!  And the funny thing is, I did actually win a $30 voucher on that site, and either the person who hosted the competition couldn’t be bothered to give it to me, or the website couldn’t be bothered to give it out.  Either way – I never heard from either of them.

Just get in touch, and ask me if there’s anything I really want on your site… and I’ll be happy to say how many sets I’ll be willing to make for a particular item.  Worst I can say is “no” – so no harm asking.  🙂


What you would get:

I would make the agreed amount of sets promised.

I have over 19,000 followers on Polyvore.

Your items would be the focus of the sets.  They would not be hidden in an overly busy background, and the set would be pleasing to the eye.

I would add a link to your website in the details.

I would try to make your set as exclusive as possible:  Where possible I would use only items from your website.  If you only have a small selection / no selection of certain items, I would source this elsewhere if it where to improve the visual impact of the set.  For example – if you do not sell belts, and I am making a fashion set which would look nicer with a belt, a belt would be added from a different website to maximise the impact of the set, and subsequently making the items from your website look more attractive.

If you have a twitter account, I will tweet the set to you.  I have over 900 followers on twitter, but I would not dierectly share the set with them, as not to spam them.  It is up to you if you want to re-tweet the set to your followers or not.

I can guarantee 150 likes on Polyvore.  Most fashion sets will get in the range of 200-400 likes.  Look at anything over 150 likes as a bonus.  Home and beauty sets generally get a little less likes, and will normally range in the 150-300 likes.

I do not have facebook, and therefore do not share any sets on facebook, however, I have found that most sets will get about 5-8% likes on facebook, compared to the likes recieved on Polyvore.  So with a set that has 200 likes on Polyvore, I expect about 10-16 people have also liked it on facebook.

If I recieve any merchandise from you – I will blog about it.  The blog post will be based on your mechandise, on your website, and also on the check-out/delivery.  If you sent me crappy items – expect a crappy review.  If you send great items – expect a great review.  You are not handing me a freebie – so don’t expect any favours… If I make you sets, than means I worked for the items, and would review them just as I would anything I paid for – truthfully!

Any blog post I make does get shared directly with my 900+ followers on twitter.

I only have 350+ followers on my blog, but I get a fair share of google hits a day, due to the hastags used, and how google index the blog.


There are those that are more than willing to make sets with ridiculous restrictions, or for a lot less credit than I expect.  You are more than welcome to use them instead!  🙂

I enjoy making my sets, and want to keep it that way.

Please use the contact form on my contact page if you want to get in touch:

Contact me

Or alternatively get in touch on Polyvore.


Example sets:


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