Never to see her pawprint again…

One year the snow came either way too soon, or way too late.  Either way, neither the kittes nor the flowers were too impressed.

It’s been over a year since my feline baby passed… but not a day goes by where I don’t think of her.  The difference is that I can now, compared to the months after her death, speak of her with a smile on my face.  Still… to find a picture of her pawprint in the snow broke my heart once more… as it’s something I will never see again.


Done for the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Threes –

This post was a good learning experience, as I learnt how to use galleries.  Handy!

39 thoughts on “Never to see her pawprint again…

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    • Thank you – and my condolences back to you for the loss of your fur-baby. It really is so heart-breaking… but each day gets better. I am lucky my other half loved my feline girl as much as me, and we speak of her nearly every day (how could we not – our walls are filled with pictures of her. 😀 ).

      • Oh! It is lucky to have someone close that understands; manfriend suffered as much (if not more!) than me because my little bear and him were adoration with each other, and well… it happened on the day of manfriend’s birthday. Broke his heart.

        Yeah, we have photos of our puppy on our refrigerator because we need to see his face 🙂

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    • Thank you! My original idea was an image of my girl, and image of her pawprint, and then just a blank (completely white) image as the last one. It made me sob like a wee baby – so I changed my mind and added a pic of the rose instead. 🙂

      • I cry when I lose a Budgie… Nothing to be ashamed of. It tells just how close we all are to our companions, which you have illustrated so well.

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    • So sorry to hear of you lovely girl, Tia.

      I still miss my special feline girl, everyday, but I know think of her with a smile on my face. It took a long time to get to that point though, but I’m so glad I have, as I now get to remember all the good times, instead of the sad time when she moved on.

  13. It’s always the little things that move us. I lost my cat Bandit a little over six months ago. Yesterday when I was moving my chair I found her favorite stuufed mouse. i cried buckets when I realized that I would never see her playing with it again. I like they way you used the three photos as a tribute to yours. Emily

    • So sorry to hear of Bandit… oh yes, the 6 month mark is still so painfull. I had a wee bit of a breakdown the other day, like you if found a reminder… a Christmas collar stuffed in a drawer.

      I’m ok with the pictures – all her pictures on the walls (and on my necklace, on my keyring, on my screensaver! 🙂 ) makes me smile… but finding something like that just brings back the thought the the toy is never to be played with, or the collar never to be worn. 😦

  14. Oh…it is so hard!
    Our little female cat Anika died suddenly, when she was only 5 years old.
    It was something we were not expecting.
    She apparently had a hidden heart condition called “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.”
    Even the Vet missed it.
    It was so sad. What made it even worse was watching her brother’s reaction (her litter mate).
    He was with her in her last few hours, and her passing broke his heart.
    We did our best to console him, but we were crying too..
    I put their photos and the story on my website. The love between them was/is so apparent!

    • So, so sorry for your loss…

      Yes, sadly we only got 6 magical years with our feline girl… and it makes it even harder… we all know the day will come “one day”, you just don’t expect it to come so soon…

      Although our two cats weren’t close (at all!), her brother still missed her too. He knew, and he was missing her… and he also knew how heartbroken we were. For the first time in his life (he’s 10) he came on my lap for a cuddle after her passing… he knew we both needed it.

  15. So sad 😦 I’m still gutted over the loss of the dog we had when I was growing up, and our latest loss, who we had to take to the vet in the end, such a hard and heartbreaking decision, so I understand how hard a loss it is.

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