Who’s a massive dick?

And the answer is:  Boo.

Boo’s the most amazing cuddle girl, but she’s a also a massive dick if being taken out on a leash.

This evening was leash time, as the other half didn’t get the chance to take them out to run about.  So, I managed to put a coat on top of my dressing-gown (oh so sexy), slip some shoes on and get the leashes ready.  Putting the harnesses on is a pain in the arse, as the both get way too over-excited (they don’t often have a leash on, generally we like taking them to the fields, by the river or by the sea for them to run about).

Knowing what an arse Boo turns into as soon as the door opens and she’s got a leash on, I asked her:  “Are you gonna be a dick?”  And she looked at me with her big brown eyes, a giant grin on her face and a waggy butt and gave me the impression “NO!  BOO NEVER A DICK” (she’s always so excited, so I always picture her shouting everything, hence the capital letters)… and the thing is, she never actually sees anything she ever does, as being wrong.  Pot, her mum, however, knows very well when she’s being norty, but Boo seems to lack the capacity of seeing any fault in her own behaviour.

Thinking I was being clever, I told the other half I would carry Boo until we were out the gate, in the hope to stop her dick-ish behaviour as soon as the door opens.  If she’s on a leash and the door opens she will instantly start howling and barking like a mad-dog, whilst trying to make sure she will at all times be infront of Pot.

I was NOT clever.  Not clever at Imageall.  Carrying Boo she screamed in dismay (it’s only about 20 steps from the door to the gate) – screamed!  With a few howls thrown in for good measure.  It sounded horredous – like she was being tortured.  To the point where neighbours actually opened their doors, thinking a dog was hurt!

She didn’t improve being put down on the ground outside the gate – no, she then continued to very loudly portray her mental suffering for not being allowed to push infront of Pot no matter what.  Luckily she shut up after a few meters and concentrated on trying with all her might to be infront of her mum, but this time quietly.

We were laughing our heads off by our special little dick-dog… she sure is funny, although very embarrassing at the same time.

It was a good walk – both the girlies had loads of fun, I although not too good at the moment, really enjoyed getting out of the house, and it was a great laugh due to Boo.


3 thoughts on “Who’s a massive dick?

    • She’s a (and yes – she looks like a boy. 😀 ) real sweetie when you get to know her, but she’s wary of strangers, and doesn’t give off the friendliest impression.

      You should meet her mum, Pot – she’s the friendliest dog the world’s ever seen! So far she’s helped 4 children overcome their fear of dogs (I encourage children who’s scared to approach her as I hold her on my lap… a little while later kids will happily pet her whilst she gives them kisses all over. I do however NOT encourage children to approach Boo, instead make sure she’s out of their way. I encourage adult to approach Boo slowly, as it takes a little while for her to trust people), and adults that generally hate JRs (they are often snappy) have fallen completely in love with Pot, and they’ve had their views of JRs turned completely upside down.

  1. She sounds like quite a character Cathy and who cares what the neighbours think? LOL! That is such a great shot of her indeed. She is gorgeous and adorable! I would totally hug her up! 😀

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