The monsters are here…


Monster feet


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I was trying to take some close ups of the moss, when my little JR decided her toes look much more interesting than any moss.  😀

And here’s the gorgeous beastie herself:


My three girls:


Title a little bit of a lie, as I know for a fact that I have two more… and there’s a 50% chance there’s 4 others.  😀

But… my ability to sex goldfish only amounted to seeing whom the male bumped, so I only know two for a fact (sadly the big male passed last summer, although there might be four more males).

Anyway, apart from white lighthouses with blue sky behind, there’s not many pics I have that can cover blue and white, so instead I used this pic of my girls, as they were stalking the fish, and made in blue and white in Paint Shop Pro.


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Abandoned beauty


Anything that’s rusty and falling apart will always make me go snap happy.  I could so easily have dug out hundreds of pics of abandoned and derelict items and places…

But I’m gonna go with this image, I need a wee bit of colour and beauty to cheer me up.  Abandoned by life, but full of beauty.

Taken on the beach a few years ago.


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I miss my microwave

Well – the title above is a whole load of bullocks, as I how can I possibly miss my microwave?  The huge beast is still sitting on the kitchen counter.

The microwave is just an object, and currently it does nothing for me apart from envoking irritation that it’s still there, big as a house, and doing fuck all.

I miss what I could do with it.  As by magic I could have a heated meal in 25 seconds.  Instead I’ve just re-heated lasagna in a pan.  Yes, in a saucepan.  As it was just a wee snack for me at 4am in the morning, I looked at it as pointless to reheat it in the oven.  The result was fairly dry lasagna, but nowhere near as dry as it would have been in the oven.  It took me 5 minutes.  5 minutes is nothing, but at 4am when you want lasagna NOW – it feels like forever.  And the blasted mircowave was sitting on the counter mocking me.

It zonked out about a month ago.  If I’d been well we would by now have had a new one, but as I’ve been mainly confined to hobbling around the house, we’ve only been out looking for a new one once… and when it comes to something that will be on display in the kitchen for (hopefully!) years to come, once is not enough.

The first week we tried to fix it.  Apperantly there’s fuses inside the microwave.  Apperantly they kept blowing each time we changed one.  Apperantly there’s a massive problem in there somewhere, and no matter how many new fuses we stick in there’s no way the bugger will work.

So, onto plan B – new microwave.

The problem is – I want a simple microwave where I can learn to use it’s functions within a day.  I never learnt how to use the beast mocking me.  I learnt one setting.  ONE.  How to set it to 900, and how to set how many seconds for.  That’s all I learnt…  in 8 years!  That said, it was an excellent working microwave.  But any microwave that worked would have been excellent in my eyes.

The other half wants something more sophisticated than a spaceship.  He wants something that has a billion different settings, with a million buttons, preferably with flashing lights, joysticks and various useless controls that we will never learn to use.

Until we manage to find something in the middle – I’m stuck with missing the convenience of nuking food.


Not purposely written for the Weekly Writing Challenge, as such, as I was gonna bitch about the mocking beast anyway, but found it quite fitting.


Images not mine, used from Google with “educational purposes” in mind.  Lesson to be learnt – any working microwave is a brilliant microwave.  All others are a piece of crap.

Never to see her pawprint again…

One year the snow came either way too soon, or way too late.  Either way, neither the kittes nor the flowers were too impressed.

It’s been over a year since my feline baby passed… but not a day goes by where I don’t think of her.  The difference is that I can now, compared to the months after her death, speak of her with a smile on my face.  Still… to find a picture of her pawprint in the snow broke my heart once more… as it’s something I will never see again.


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This post was a good learning experience, as I learnt how to use galleries.  Handy!

A Photo a Week Challenge: From Color to B&W


From colour to black and white… and the result is the above picture of my boy.  The original of this was one of the pics from that day I didn’t do anything with, as it wasn’t my fave pic taken of him that day (I’ll post my fave at the bottom of the post).

Very, very simple process on taking it from colour to the above version:

  • Open in Paint Shop Pro (I use version X3)
  • Effects – Photo Effect – Black and white film
  • Adjust – Brightness and contrast – Brightness and contrast – Brightness -21/Contrast 21

Here’s the stages from original, to b/w, to having used brightness/contrast:


However… the below pic was my fave pic taken of my handsome boy that day – his eyes are simply amazing:



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