Happy Valentine’s Day!

And Happy Friday the 13th!  😀

Well, with Valentine’s coming up, I’ve just spotted this Valentine’s themed competition (hurry up if you want to enter – ends today!)… and you’re supposed to come up with an outfit for the gent in your life for Valentines.

Outfit and outfit… *giggles*  I’m not one for wanting to go out, so the perfect Valentine’s Outfit for my other half would have to be PJs, a robe and slippers… and the two of us curled up on the sofa watching a good film (or The Walking Dead… so happy it’s back!).

So here’s the ideal outfit for my other half, toothbrush included incase there would be any kissing… with it being Valentine’s and all.  😀


Valentine's gifts for him with Debenhams


I have actually made him a card this year, although it’s just an electronic version. He’s not home for the day (home on Sunday, and yes, we do intend to curl up on the sofa). Chances of me actually managing to send it off on Saturday? Hmmm… about 15% I think! But if I forget, atleast he can see it on Sunday. Some of the pics for the card came out absolutely hilarious, due to one of the dogs photobombing the pics… but some things are best left unseen, so won’t be posting those!

Happy Valentine’s day to all that celebrate it, and wishing everyone else a lovely Saturday 14th of February!


He managed to come home on Valentine’s (well… technically on Sunday morning), and we watched Wyrmwood:  Road of the Dead.  It was  fun!

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