Update on the breeding bugger of a cat, and various other stuff.

I’m allowed to call her a bugger.  I love her to bits, but there’s no denying she’s a complete and utter arse.  🙂


Yes, Pie’s finally done (one of her kids was also fixed a few weeks ago, waiting with D as she’s still fairly petite, and not even 3kg yet)!  *does the happy dance*

As you can see she still got the indentation where her fur was shaved.

Fun and games started as soon as I went to pick her up.  Pie is glaring at my with furious eyes in the carrier, whilst I’m chatting to the vet.  Vet tells me to keep her in for 10 days.  I said Pie would kill me if I kept her in for 10 days.  And I mean, she would actually figure out a way to murder me.

I sigh, and say “fine”, knowing it will never happen.

So, I ask when I can take her collar off.  Vet says to keep it on for 10 days!  Hahahahahahaha!  Oh my goodness, this vet is clearly on some heavy drugs, or has never had a cat.

I’ll tell you how long the collar lasted for – less than 2 minutes!  As soon as we were in the car, Pie managed to push the collar off.  Atleast her glaring look subduded a few nothches after that.

So, wanting to keep her in for the night, cat litter tray, food and water gets put in our bedroom, and the door shot.  Pie goes to sleep…

Until 2am.  Come 2am she’s launching herself at the door handle (she can open the downstairs doors… however the bedroom doors are old, and tricky, as you have to hold the handle down whilst pulling at the door).

I figure it will be less stressful for her, and cause less stress on her body to just open the door…

So, Pie flies though the catflap, and I end up sitting up, worrying about her…


I didn’t worry for too long – less than 20 minutes later she returns – with a live bird in her mouth!!!


Luring Pie into the bathroom, I then spend the next 30 minutes trying to catch the bird in a box.  When bird finally released, and I open the bathroom door, Pie is there proud as can be, with a look that said “This is what you get for locking me in the bedroom”.




Otherwise, it’s blooming freezing… not good for the arthritis, but Boo is loving the fact that the fireplace is in use again:


Been to hospital appointments, and the specialist I’m seeing is trying to get me onto a drugs trial.  Have also walked around like a fashion guru with the last accessory of the season – a heart monitor.  Atleast it was so tiny and light it could be clipped onto my bra.


Being the idiot that I am, and having gotten as plump as a piggy, I’ve decided to try the Insanity workout.  Of course there are days where I can barely move, so the time-scale isn’t really being followed.  However, on a good day, I decided to do the Fit Test… you’d think it wasn’t possibly to fail a fit test, but I managed – ZERO push-up jacks.  Hahahahahaha!


Signing off with the of my gorgeous girls lurking at the fish:



6 thoughts on “Update on the breeding bugger of a cat, and various other stuff.

  1. Pie is as badass as you 🙂 Neither of my cats got a collar after neutering and they recuperated outdoors — but it was in late summer, so no cold — and both were soon as active as normal. Though the fur took ages to grow back…

    • Badass – I like it! It sums her up perfectly in one word. 🙂

      She truly is a badass, and I think she’s the coolest cat in the world (her mustache helps too).

      Other half however isn’t too impressed, as Pie ignores him. When he asked how much her spaying was he said “crikey – for a cat I don’t even like!”. Hahahahaha. Truth is he’s terrified of her. Just because she attacked him once (she was a furious ball of claws outside, I was in the bath so told other half to “pick that bloody cat up and put her inside”… which he tried and she went for him. Hahahahaha.

      I got out of the bath, went out, and picked her up. She growled but that was all. Other half couldn’t understand… and I just said that me and Pie’s got an understanding. I will always protect her, and she’s to play nice with me.

      We kept two of the baby-kittens (not so baby-ish at the moment – currently trying to introducing them to the dogs)! Yup… you read it right. I now got 6 cats. God help me.

      • Men apparently don’t understand cats. Especially not badass cats — perhaps they fear competition? 😉 One of my cats is a moody creature, so I know what you mean; but I find no trouble recognising her moods and behaving accordingly, so I don’t come to harm. Six cats is too much for God handle — I’m not sure if asking God for help will work here…

    • Hopefully you didn’t “fail” the fit test – hahahahah!

      I think it will be pretty good… so far (in a week), I’ve only managed to do the fit test and the first cardio… took me a while to recover from the fit test. 😀

      At the moment my other half is away working most of the time, but he wants to do it too. So when we’re together again full time (it sucks being apart most of the week), I’ll probably start again from the beginning with him… and until then just do a wee bit as and when I can.

      • heheh no I think I “passed” the fit test.
        I’m not following the 60 day program – I’m just using some of the workouts (the fit test, the max interval sports training and the insane abs workout) to keep up my strength outside of my running.
        I love the workouts – hard work but good fun!

        It’s great doing it with someone so I’m sure you and hubby will have a fab time together 🙂

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