In their eyes…


I was enjoying reflections last night… with the gorgeous Ms Monkey-pie laying on my tummy and doing pushypaws up on my neck, in in her eyes I saw her white paws pushing like crazy on top of my robe… made me think of the red and blue pill in The Matrix.  😀

But, no pics of that, wasn’t gonna disturb her, so here’s a pic of my beautiful Pot instead, with a reflection of me taking a pic of her as she’s on my lap.


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Relaxing in the garden


Bless – Pot looks like a proper bush – with a her bushy mane and her bushy eyebrowns.  Her fur looks like it needs a wash, but it’s actually omega 3 oil rubbed onto her as her skin was a little dry.


My two scary guard-dogs!!!


Kiss for Ms Moneky-pie as she came to join them.


Hmmmm…. I’m pretty certain Boo is eating something she shouldn’t there in the background…


I think the sun was a little too bright *tots down doggie-sunglass on shopping list*



My three girls:


Title a little bit of a lie, as I know for a fact that I have two more… and there’s a 50% chance there’s 4 others.  😀

But… my ability to sex goldfish only amounted to seeing whom the male bumped, so I only know two for a fact (sadly the big male passed last summer, although there might be four more males).

Anyway, apart from white lighthouses with blue sky behind, there’s not many pics I have that can cover blue and white, so instead I used this pic of my girls, as they were stalking the fish, and made in blue and white in Paint Shop Pro.


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Awkward bitches


Yes, the title is referring to the two angelic creatures pictured above.

Today I came with for the first time in over two weeks for a proper walk.  I shouldn’t have, as I’m now suffering for it, but never mind.

We only went to the river, as being in the car is difficult for me.  I knew it was gonna be muddy… I knew what the dogs would look like.

And they sure did live up to my expectations.  😉  Running about way in front of me and the other half they had tons of fun playing, sniffing, rolling about and doing the general dog stuff.

However, we came to a stream going into the river – what’s the first thing they do?  Jump straight in!  The joys of splashing about in the water.

So why the fuck are they so bloody opposed to going in the bathtub???

They both knew, covered in mud driving home, that it was gonna be bathtime.  Pot runs to hide under the bed, Boo is looking like a beaten dog with her head not just drooping, but drooping so much her nose is touching the floor.  *sigh*

Less than half an hour before they’d been splashing about in the water like two fucking mermaids, and now water has suddenly changed to the most vicious of punishments.

Thankfully bathtime is over, they’ve both had a two hour snooze in bed under the covers, and Boo is snuggled with the other half under his robe, whilst Pot is on my lap with a blankie over her.

Full speed ahead


I love this picture of my two canine girls.  Yes, it’s not in focus, yes, the horizon seem to have had a drink too many… but I still love it.

I love Boo’s ears flapping about as she barges ahead, I love how you can spot Pot trying to catch up, a huge grin on her face.  I love that happiness comes so easy to them – all it takes is a field – it doesn’t matter if it’s a mudhole.  Pure happiness.


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