Best fecking award ever!

Well, I’m hereby giving myself the best fecking award ever:


This way – there’s really no need for anyone else to give me one.  😀

See – it’s got everything I could ever want in an award… it’s got:

  • Gold!!!
  • Trophy!!!
  • Laurel wreath!!!
  • Five stars!!!
  • Ribbons & banner!!!
  • A number 1!!!


I think it’s really sweet that people want to give me awards – thank you!  But these so-called blog awards are simply too much work.  I stopped doing chain letters many, many years ago (although I did always like the ones where you sent a bar of chocolate to the person on top of the list… I had chocolate from all over the world… yum!), and that’s exactly what they seem like to me.  🙂

Now, if anyone wants to give me a proper award, like the Nobel Peace Prize, I’d be happy to accept.  😉