Her name is Tia…


And I’m not certain how long she will stay here for, but I hope and pray it will be for a long time.

So far, she’s beating the odds, and has blessed us with her presence for 4 days.  🙂

Each day is a little miracle, just like she is.


Yes, Pie’s had her babies, born 2 days early.  5 babies – 4 of them very healthy and happy indeed (or at the moment – very chubby, and behaving like barbarians while fighting over the boobies).

And then there is Tia.  Born smack bang in the middle of the litter.  About half the size of her siblings… and not breathing (I was however prepared, and had been reading up on how to help little kittens breathe).

I didn’t think she was going to make it to day 2… but she did.  And then day 3… and now on day 4.

She’s getting handfed every second hour, or I keep trying each hour if I’m not happy with the amount she’s had.   Emotionally and physically I’m completely drained, but each time she takes some formula from the bottle makes it worth it.  🙂

I was pulled in two directions, on whether to take her to the vets to be tube fed, or try bottle and formula… and in the end I opted for the bottle.  The tube is no guarantee she’ll make it, and if she’ not going to make it… then I’d rather she’s known the love from Pie, and the warmth of her siblings, than a surgery.

She’s so incredibly little.  And although she’s grown (she’s now nearly the size her siblings were when they were born), the other’s are growing so much faster, and now nearly look three times her size.


The bad is that she’s still so terribly small, and won’t drink from Pie.  The good news is that she’s feisty (she’s some wiggle worm, and will climb both over me when trying to feed her, and her mother and siblings), and doesn’t appear to be in any sort of distress (she doesn’t cry, apart from when I initially lift her from the rest of the gang).


If you pray, I’d appreciate a little prayer for the tiny little Tia… and if you don’t, then I’d appreciate some good vibes sent her way.  🙂


17 thoughts on “Her name is Tia…

  1. hope she makes it. not to be a drag but I found and nursed an injured bird on the side of the road and it died three days later. sad, but at least it left this world to the next knowing it was loved.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, will update as and when… hopefully with good news! 😀

      She’s still the same, although she hasn’t been that great at taking the bottle today (so been trying each hour… she does take a little though, and a little is better than none). She did however go on Pie for about 30 seconds last night – so I’m sure everyone’s well wishes for her is helping.

      I know the 30 seconds don’t count for much, but that’s about 29 seconds more than she’s ever tried to suckle her mother before. 😀

      • The whole of yesterday wasn’t a good day for little Tia. I had to keep trying early each hour, as she wasn’t wanting any bottle, and I could feel her getting weaker.

        There was times I just sat there feeling so hopeless, with the tiny little girl in my hand… and then she purred. 🙂

        First time she purred!

        Today she’s been good at taking her drinkies again, and although not suckling from Pie, she went on the boob and did pushypaws! Again, a first. 🙂

        She’s now the size her siblings were when they were born… absolutely tiny, and the rest of them look like giants compared to her (the other four are so chubby and healthy).

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