Princess Zoloft


Not to be confused with Princess Zelda.  😉

Little update on the health… been to the hospital, more blood drawn (these test apperantly take 4-6 weeks for results!), another ECG done, and I’m on a list to get one of those heart monitors to wear for a few days…

However, not back in the hospital for three months!!!  And I refuse to feel this shitty until then… so you take action.  And what is action?  Zoloft!

I went to the docs, first thing I said was “I want drugs!”.  Hahahaha.  Armed with printouts of what could help for the fatigue (I can deal with crazy heart, the pain, migranes, wonky eyes, wanting to puke, and being out of breath if I could just get a little bit of energy).  I had decided on either trying Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft… with Prozac being my first choice after comparing the side effects (which are all similar, but Prozac seem a little better than the others).

Doc however advised that Prozac is “old-fashioned”, and Paxil is very hard to come off of, which left Zoloft.

So, first tablet yesterday… 5 hours later I was “tipsy” (or, if you’ve ever tried “Bubble Gum” weed, just like that).  Everything was blooming hilarious.

Again, did a wee bit of a search, and it should hopefully adjust in 4-5 days at the max.  I don’t mind being happy, but getting the giggles from anything and everything is a little over the top.  🙂

Anyway, this morning, instead of just sitting there like a vegetable for 2 hours before I muster up enough energy to do the dishes or something, I felt pretty “normal” after just 10 minutes of getting up.  Stairs don’t seem like Mount Everest, although I still sound like a beached whale getting to the top.

Will let you know how it goes… so far, if the “everything’s hilarious” goes away, I’m giving it a thumbs up.  😀


Pic taken on the way down to the sea… hundreds of these beautiful caterpillars everywhere!

7 thoughts on “Princess Zoloft

  1. Zoloft did very little for me, but I hope it will do for you and become your BF 🙂

    Also, please insert a warning before you post ugly bugs or caterpillars or such. It makes me scream. Thanks.

    • Ugly!?! He (or she) – is beautiful! Tons of them – everywhere! Hahahaha. 😀

      If the Zolof doesn’t work for the fatigue, I want to give Effexor, Cymbalata or Savella a go. I’m not one for long-term use of drugs, but at the moment I’m willing to give anything a go.

      Trying the Zoloft for 4 weeks, to see if it’s of any use, or any side effects (I’m expecting my excessive happiness to dissappear… getting back to crumpy old bitch again).

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