Summer Sea


Days out during the summer… that’s what I love.  🙂

Pic taken on Friday… weather was glorious, so we decided to take a few hours by the sea.  It was absolutely wonderful, although I suffered for it yesterday (health still crap, now supposed to get one of those heart monitors to wear for a few days).

7 thoughts on “Summer Sea

  1. It is a beautiful picture. I like the way it focuses on the flowers with the sea fading in the background, yet still very much there. It does certainly look like a beautiful spot to spend the day.

    • Thank you – it’s absolutely idyllic there… one of my fave places by the sea. The flowers are actually growing out of an old graveyard wall. The tiny graveyard is on top of a cliff (and eventually will erode away into the sea below), with fields all around, and a path down the cliff to get to the beach.

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