My scrumptious boy modelling:


My gorgeous boy was modelling in the garden today, starting off with showing me his claws, just incase I forgot to pay him for his work.  😉

Don’t worry, he was paid in shrimp afterwards – so I’m not covered in scratches, and got a very happy boy indeed.  Excuse the slightly blurry pics, I’m using my left eye (as the right one is covered up) in the view finder… something I clearly need a wee bit of practice on.  Nevermind, he’s still as handsome as sin.  😀

And some rollig about showing off his gorgeous big tummy:


6 thoughts on “My scrumptious boy modelling:

  1. I love your cats. The sight (and sound) of kids annoys me, but the sight of cats moves me to tears. I also suspect that your tabby boy might be prettier than my tabby girl. 😮

  2. He is adorable!!! I especially love the belly/roll photos 🙂 Mine has a sixth sense when the camera is coming and usually decides it’s a good time to relocate – unless he’s asleep, which I then consider fair game 🙂

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