My dream bathroom…

It’s a little difficult to blog about my dream bathroom… simply beacuse I just about have my dream bathroom… for the house I got, that is. 😉

I love my bathroom… but it’s tiny.  I would love to get a new bathtub.  Not that I’m complaining, the one we got is deep and long, and doesn’t leak.  Hahahaha.  But it’s the bathtub that came with the house, and some of the enamel was chipped away.  A new bathtub was out of the question, so we tried enamel spray – with dismal results!  Hahahaha… it just made it look even worse, but nevertheless – it’s an excellent bathtub for taking a bath, although it might not be the most pleasing to the eye.

Sure we could now save up for a little while, and I could finally get the roll top bathtub I want… but there’s more to consider.  The walls would have to be retiled, as the tiles doesn’t go behind the bathtub, and we’d also have to get new flooring, as the floor covering only reaches to the bathtub, and not under it.  So instead of something that wouldn’t cost too much, we’d end up spending a fair bit, and making a heck of a mess whilst carrying out the work.

And here’s my bathroom:

Pics taken a few years ago, but it looks exactly the same, apart from the aquarium is swapped for a catbed, and the flowers swapped for a aloe vera plant in an ice bucket.  🙂

It wasn’t always my dream bathroom… in fact is was horrendous!  Here’s the pics (excuse the quality… I got no idea which CD they’re on, so instead took a pic of images I had printed myself… and hence all the stripes.  First pic taken first day moving in, the other one a week or so later, and you can spot the window frames become white, and new different curtains up) of what it looked like when we moved in:

It truly was awful.  First thing we did was expand it a little… there was a tiny hallway as you went to the bathroom, so we got rid of that one, and gained the space where we hang the towels and have the small white cabinet.  Then we put new tiles on the three sides (yes, three, as where the hallway was there’s huge closet, which is ideal, as we got the tumble dryer in there, plus all towels and underwear) above the bathtub.  Then we got an electric shower, as the previous owner brought his with him!!!  We then swapped around the toilet and sink places, to make better use of the little space we got.  We built a counter and got a new sink, and also built in the tank of the toilet.  Then it was the ceiling… we really wanted spotlights, so ended up panelling the ceiling!  Walls got panelled, and the room painted.  First we had it light blue, and then we changed it to the colour showed on the top two pictures.  The only thing we’ve changed since we did it up in the first place, is the floor.  We first had black tiles, now we got black lino (had just redone the floor on the top two pics).

So – my bathroom is my dream bathroom for the space I got!!!  😀

To get my true dream bathroom… well, then I would need a bigger house.  Hahahaha.  And what sort of bathroom would I want then?  Well – the one shown below on my quiz results from Victoria Plumb would do me just fine!  It’s absolutely gorgeous (and I’ll take the view too)!  And take the quiz – there’s £250 of vouchers up for grabs – and it’s fun to do.


I’m want:

  • More space
  • Roll top bath
  • Vintage and charming

Other then that I’m really not fussed.  🙂

But just incase there’s some confusion… here’s the sort of thing I’m looking for:


Posted for the awesome giveaway from Victoria Plumb hosted over at Mumsnet – you got until the 27th to enter, so hop on over!


5 thoughts on “My dream bathroom…

    • Bathrooms, livingrooms, hallways, bedrooms… a library! *daydreams* If I ever got to a financial position where we wouldn’t notice how much it would cost to make our loft into our bedroom, I would make the room that’s now our bedroom into a library. 😀 I can picture the spiral cast iron staircase, and Chesterfield chairs already. 😀

      Up until I was 6, my grandparents had the most amazing bathroom (as my grandfather then became ill, they had to move, as the massive house with all it’s land was too much for my grandmother to take care of). It was as big as my living room. It has a free standing bath (aaaaaah) and bookcases and chairs. A lick of paint (it already had gorgeous old wooden floor, and panelled walls), and some decorations on the walls and it would have been total perfection.

      Only thing that’s not on my top list of things to do is the kitchen… which is exactly what we’re soon to start on. Hahahahaha. Not that I don’t want it done, I’m sure I will be loving it when we actually start… but it#s such a massive task, and I’m dreading all the work that has to be done.

      • I’m not fond of remodeling! My husband and I have done remodels on a few of the houses we’ve lived in over the years and I simply hate the dust and mess and the feeling of living in construction chaos! But I love, love, love free-standing bath tubs. Your grandparents bathroom sounds like it was perfect! When I was growing up in Western New York state, we had a white, porcelain, free-standing tub with lion claw feet. It was marvelous for long bubble baths on cold winter nights. Now I live in Phoenix, Arizona where it never gets cold enough for a long hot soak, and the tubs are all fiberglass. 😦

        But, I have to agree with you on the library. I would put up with the confusion of remodeling if I ended up with my own private library with a comfy reading chair and the perfect warm light for these old, aging eyes to read by!!

        Best of luck on your kitchen! 🙂

      • I know – it’s just horrible when things are a complete shambles during remodelling… but worth it in the end. 😀

        Worst I’ve found is moving doorways… the dust goes EVERYWHERE! Doesn’t matter how much you try to contain it with plastic sheets… if you start cutting through a wall the whole house will look like a disaster zone.

        I’ve always wanted a free standing bathtub… maybe it was my grandparents bathroom that put the urge in my head… but it’s just one of those things I so want. 😀 I nearly got one last year! There’s a few places where you can get things for free online… and someone was giving away a freestanding bathtub (with the lions feet!!!)… and we contacted them, as we figured we could justify the cost of tiling and new flooring if we got the tub for free… and we missed out on it by less than 10 minutes. 😦

        Yes – if it was a library I was about to do I would be giddy like a 7 year old girl getting a lifesize My Little Pony. 😀 But the kitchen… ugh… we’ve been postponing it as long as possible… doing the shed, pond, pergola and gardening instead… we’ve now even started on the little porch… just so we don’t have to face the kitchen. Hahahaha. But it’s gonna be started on as soon as the porch is done. Gutting everything, atleast it will be like a blank canvas.

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