DIY bra eye patch?

I figure the title would be read with a question mark on the end, so I added one.  😀

WTF is a bra eye patch?  Well – an eye patch made out of a bra, of course!

My eyes have been shagged for months now, with giant floaters in the right eye, and tiny floaters in the left eye (and I’ve also developed some mysterious “mist” the last week.  Whatever I’m looking at will completely disappear… it’s like someone’s taken airbrushing a few steps too far in my sight).  Have had them tested, and my eyes are “remarkable” (due to my prescription not having changed since I was 19), and nothing happening in my eyes are causing the floaters.

Only thing the optician could suggest was that I am so fatigued, my eyes would be too… so I figured until I see the specialist end of July, I had to take action as the blasted floaters is making me paranoid as fuck.  I keep thinking I’m seeing spiders!!!

So, went to pharmacy a couple of days ago – wanting an eye patch.  Surely the pirate look must be in this summer.  To my major disappointment – they had none!  Instead I came out with some shitty stick on pads, which cost a bomb, and falls off after about 8 hours.  If I do try to remove them before they start falling off themselves, it’s like someone’s stuck them on with superglue.  Grrrr.

So, last night I figured I’d google eye patches… and frankly, even with my dodgy eyes and arthritic fingers I’d figured I’d be able to whack something up.

Question was – with what?  I got no fabric… and it’s not that long ago that I took all unwanted clothes to charity.

And then the lightbulb came on – a bra!  I know I got a heap of old bras, stuck in the back of the wardrobe somewhere… so then decided to see if anyone had made one… but only found that bras are great as an eye patch for horses!  Well, if it’s good enough for the horses, it’s good enough for me. 🙂

And here’s the results:

One pirate patch, and one that slips over the glasses.  No more annoying pads that either falls off, or refuse to come off.  😀


11 thoughts on “DIY bra eye patch?

    • I can see it becoming THE accessory of the summer. Even those without big bastard eyefloaters is gonna want one of these babies. 😀 😀 😀 I mean – who doesn’t want an old bra on their face? 😉

      • Honestly, my husband is one of those people who would love a bra on their face, whether old or new. Just saying 🙂 I think I’ll offer to make him this accessory from my large collection of bras I no longer wear. You’re a trendsetter, girl!

      • 😀 Surely there must be something apart from eypatches old bras can be good for… it’s one of those things that I never really throw out, as although they get replaced with new ones, there’s nothing really wrong with the old ones… they just end up unused. Hmmmmmmm…. I’m thinking dog hats here (I’ve tried the whole outfit on the cats – not impressed)… hmmmmm. Or maybe small man-caps – get a needle out and have hubby model! 😀

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