Look at what arrived today!!!  Eeeeeeeek – so excited!  Massive big thank you’s goes to Victoria Plumb and Tots100 – am absolutely over the moon.  😀

Am so uber excited – we’ll be getting a new fridge.  Have been drooling over the super fridge freezers over at John Lewis, and cannot wait to order one… although I shall be doing my very best not to order it for a couple of weeks.

We’re moving the washing machine out of the kitchen, as we need to think of how we’re gonna do the layout when we start redoing the kitchen… so I shall try not to order until the washing machine is out and we can assess the space… whether I can restrain myself from ordering for a couple of weeks remains to be seen.  😀

Was gonna treat ourselves with the leftovers…. but I think we will save what’s left for a little while instead, and save up the difference for a new cooker.  I have to say, our cooker is amazing though.  Ancient, but amazing.  Well… ok, so one of the rings stopped working a few years ago, but the oven on it is pure magic (have to admit I’m not too chuffed the oven never really turns off completely, but instead has a nice heat constantly in it) .  Which in turn manages to turn into a problem, as there’s no glass on the doors, and if you forget to check things each minute you’re bound to end up with charcoal instead of dinner.  Nevertheless… it’s amazing!  Pizzas done in minutes, and we’ve learnt (read:  the other half) to make perfect roasts in it.  🙂

And to add to the good news – I managed to get a picture of my two adult kitties together.  Yes, it’s a rubbish picture – but I hurried as quickly as I could (which is’t very quick at the moment… been having a few bad days) and of course Monkey-Pie jumped down to see me.  But, blurry, and with subjects on the move – it’s still a picture of the two of them together!  😀



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