Hidden in-between


My poor little BBQ sits between an old rusty bucket and a terracotta pot.  🙂

I was just about to post about my BBQ (or lack of!), when I saw that this weeks photo challenge is “Between“.  Perfect!

Other half recieved some OXO goodies in the post today (will post pic later on twitter), which made me think of BBQs… or the lack of them.  I used to have a fantastic Weber Spirit BBQ… it was amazing, and it was way too big.  This was the sort of BBQ that could easily deal with frequent and massive BBQ parties.  And you’ll be happy to know the BBQ is now with a large family!  It was simply too big for us, and thus didn’t end up getting used.  To drag the massive beast out, take off cover and start up the gas was too much for just a couple of burgers.

And I remembered the little blue bucket BBQ we once had… which has for the last few years been used as a planter.  Bless.

We’ve been talking of actually building a BBQ outside, but my thoughts was just to make something that looks the way I want it to… but to actually just have room for one of those disposable BBQ trays in it!  I’m so clever.  However… the other half now wants to build a blooming pizza oven!!!

Ok… so he makes amazing pizzas.  Award winning pizzas to be exact (yes – really!  I’m a lucky gal)… and I’m sure they would be even nicer made in a woodburning pizza oven… but all I want is a place where I can slap on a burger or some vegetarian sausages!!!

One of us will get our way.  😀


And of course the babies helped me take a pic of the BBQ bucket:




13 thoughts on “Hidden in-between

    • I’m sure the pizzas will be wonderful… but it’s gonna be SOOO much work! I’ve been checking out how to build one… grrrrr… my way will be dead easy… but of course then it won’t be any pizzas. 🙂

  1. How about a George Foreman grill? (Do they still make those…?) Not as dramatic, perhaps, as the smoking backyard beast. Can’t party around it. Or maybe you can!

    • Hahahahaha! Sounds like a great plan. 😉 But I don’t think the other half would be too impressed if I suggest a George Foreman grill instead of a wood fire pizza oven. 😉

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