If money was no object…

Outfit of the Day


As the title says – if money was no object – then I’d be wearing the above whilst walking the dogs!  😀

Isn’t is just perfect?  I love everything above – absolutely love it… it’s so me.  But of course, money is an object… and to have a specific summers-day dog walking outfit isn’t really an option… 😀

Instead – this is what I actually look like walking the dogs:


But, back to my dream dog-walking outfit, which consist of:

  1. A gorgeous cream lace dress from Topshop – so girly and summery!  Which is why in reality this could never be a specific dog walking dress… can you imagine what it would look like after having been walkies with two bouncy and muddy Jack Russels?
  2. A beautiful watch from The Watch Hut – and I can assure you it wouldn’t just be used for dog walking.  Beautiful enough for a night out, but still having that down-to-earth-look perfect for walking the dogs.  😀
  3. Practical boots from Deichmann – well, if you’re walking the dogs you need something practical… and these look like they will survive both mud and cow poo!  Hahahaha.
  4. A stunning cream lace parasol from Blissful Gifts Bridal – how pretty can it get?  Clearly very pretty!  I got this thing for lace parasols… I keep drooling over them online, but never taking the plunge actually getting one.  2 dogs and 4 cats – it would be shredded within 10 minutes… but a girl can dream.
  5. Fab handbag from Debenhams – I’m not much of a handbag-girl… but I love this one.  Cross-over bag, so no worries about it falling off anywhere, and I love that it’s simple, yet quite stylish.  Perfect for sticking a pocket camera, ciggies and a chocolate in!
  6. Cool sunglasses from John Lewis – in my ideal dog-walking fantasy I don’t need prescription sunglasses – and these are spot on to match the rest of the outfit.  I’d be the best dressed person walking their dogs – ever!
  7. And this lovely rustic necklace from Energy Muse – yes, this simple necklace would finish off the outfit to perfection for me.  😀


This is my entry for the fab “Outfit of the Day” giveaway hosted over at The MAD Blog Awards, thanks to The Watch Hut.  Super-fun to enter – and there’s still plenty of time left!  Ends 11th of July, UK entries.

Aaaaaaand – I’m so chuffed, big thank you to both The MAD Blog Awards and The Watch Hut – if it wasn’t for the giveaway I would never have discovered Polyvore!  I love it!!!  It’s a like a tidy Pinterest.  Hahahaha.  Only one problem… it could get addictive… very addictive indeed.  Am doing my very best to stay away from it… my bet is I’ll be able to stay away for a week… if I cannot be found after that – I’m over at Polyvore.  🙂


4 thoughts on “If money was no object…

    • 😀 I know, it’s such a pain, as there’s so many cool sunglasses… but ither I wouldn’t see anything, or I’d look like a plonker with sunglasses stuck over my glasses. Hahahaha.

      I do have a pair of prescruption sunglasses, but I’d love to have loads, to change with whatever I’m wearing (I got quite a few different pairs of glasses, although my eldest Jack Russell chewed up most of my glasses when she was a puppy).

  1. Should have checked out your entry before I posted mine, You are sooooooo going to win ! Fantastic outfit and great use of Polyvore. Hi my name is Karen and I am addicted to Polyvore (said in an AA kind of voice) xx

    • Hahahaha – thank you, but I don’t think they’re gonna pick the winner based on the use of Polyvore. 😉

      It’s great fun for me at the moment… body is falling apart, so this is excellent stuff for passing the time. It’s like playing with paperdolls… but so much better. 😀

      You know they got real giveaways there? There’s a few nice ones for http://www.sheinside.com/ where you can win items of clothing for $100 (they deliver to the UK)… some of their stuff is a total dream. Cheap as can be, and will probably only last a couple of months, but so pretty!

      If you have a looksie at my groups over at Polyvore, there should be quite a few links to giveaways for various clothing companies.

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