First water lily of the year!


Look what greeted me today!  I love it when the water lilies start blooming.  😀

This one is in the fish pond.  We bought both our lilies as bulbs a few years ago… the pink one (above) is doing great, and gives us quite a few flowers a year… the white one however has clearly got it’s mind set on world domination – and is growing like a proper bugger.  So far there’s already 4 bulbs on the white one, and the leaves are everywhere!

The white one is in the front garden pond (no fish), as it simply grows too much.  It had some sort of growth-spur last year, when the fish used to be in the front garden pond… so much so we had to remove it and stick it in the back garden pond (which at that point was much smaller and had no fish) – it was taking over the whole pond!

Now however, the white one can grow as much as it likes – it’s got the whole pond to itself, and the fish are very happy with the much smaller water lily in their new pond.  😀


6 thoughts on “First water lily of the year!

  1. I love water lily, I wanted to put my blog name waterlily, but after I changed my mind. I didn’t know they can be cultivated in a pond at home, I thought only in the middle of the jungle, like Amazon.
    You are luck to have them at home.

    • I didn’t have much hope when we bought the bulbs… but they’re doing fab!

      The pink one generally only has one flower at the time (most has been 3 flowering at the same time), but it will keep going steady until autumn. The white one however… that’s one is simply going crazy! Hahahahah. The four bulbs that are there at the moment should be flowering within a week, if the weather keeps.

  2. It’s beautiful!
    My friend has a backyard pond also, and she had some lily pads with a beautiful Koi swimming beneath them. She was going to buy a few more Koi for the pond, but she changed her mind.
    Because, one morning, a long-legged bird (some sort of heron?) came and flew away with the colorful fish in its mouth. A very tasty (and expensive) snack, I am sure!

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