Cool and fresh Mediterranean…


As soon as I hear Mediterranean, I think warm colours… so what to do when you’re to “bring the colours of the Mediterranean into your home”, and you’re looking for cool and fresh colours?  Well, then you pick the Azores!  😀

I’ve never been to the Azores, but I’ve heard so much about these magic little islands, as my other half has spent 9 years of his life living there.  And as soon as I spotted the competition over at Cunard, I thought “Aaaaaaaargh – they’re not gonna have the Azores listed!” – but how wrong I was.  Horta is indeed listed as one of the destinations!  😀

Aaaaaand, as I’m about to start redoing the kitchen (oh how I wish it was just decorating… but we’re gutting the whole thing, and starting afresh)… this was the perfect kick up the backside I needed to actually start planning how I want the kitchen to look.

So, here’s my pinterest board for my cool and fresh Mediterranean inspired kitchen:

Inspired by the gorgeous black vulcanic sand, the soothing grey and blues by the sea, the white of the waves, and the lush hydrangeas and greenery, and the style of Horta itself.

  • Black vinyl flooring
    White panelled walls
    Simple rustic looking table, chairs and bench
    A couple of striped cushions, picking up on both the blue, green and bold lines
    Am so loving the pebble placemats!  Nearly as fab as the footpaths in Horta
    Fresh flowers for the table, in a simple light blue jar
    A splash of colour with a hydrangea painting
    New plates – love the bold black stripes
    A simple shelf with a few ornaments:  A wave sculpture, a whale sculpture and a really sweet oldfashioned kettle

Alright… you might think having a wave and whale sculpture a little odd for a kitchen.  Clearly you should see my bathroom – where I got 4 crystal decanters and an icebucket that works as the pot for my aloe vera plant!!!


Posted for the superb competition hosted over at Cunard (ends 20th of June – so still plenty of time to enter!), who’s teamed up with Love Chic Living & The Swelle Life to bring us all a little bit of Mediterranean love.  😀


4 thoughts on “Cool and fresh Mediterranean…

    • As soon as we’ve finished the new porch we’ll start the gutting of the kitchen. 🙂

      I think it will be a while until it’s finished though. Hahahahaha! Our budget is £0, so I think it will be months with just a rubbish tip as a kitchen. 😀

      We re-did the kitchen 8 years ago, but on a shoestring budget… So the floor that took us ages to put down (there used to be a coal cellar, so the floor had parts that were several centimeters higher than the rest) now looks awful (so much for 10 year guarantee!), the cupboards that we re-used and just bought new doors for never really fit the way we wanted them to. 😀 And of course we bought a used fridge freezer and stove, both of them should have been replaced ages ago.

      But, we’ll be getting a new fridge soon (I’m sooooo excited! Will be blogging when we get it), and I’ll keep an eye out for offers on stoves.

      We’re thinking of building the cupboards ourselves. It’s bound to be a disaster – hahahahaha. But it will be fun trying.

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