Aaaaaargh! *rips hair out*

How difficult can it be to get good pictures of the cutest kittens in the world?

Well… the answer is clearly:  VERY DIFFICULT!

Here’s some of the results from yesterdays pics…

So… I figured it would be the flash making these uber cute little kittens into weirdos…  and this is the result…

Yup… didn’t really work did it?  😀

Been having a few bad days, but the little gorgeous ones sure got a way of making me feel better.  🙂

And… out of about 150 pics, I did managed to capture a few good ones… and here’s three of them:


12 thoughts on “Aaaaaargh! *rips hair out*

    • They’re delicious aren’t they? 😀

      Claudia has already joined her new family – and she’s gotten a fab family who absolutely adores her. I’m so happy for “my” little girly.

      The two boys will be moving in to their new mummy on Sunday… and although I haven’t met her, it seems like the perfect home for the two of them. She’s lost her elderly kitty, and now feels ready to have a (two!) feline baby again. She’s uber excited, and trying to get everything just right (from food, to the litter they’re used to)… but she lives so far away, she hasn’t actually been to see them (she’s having friends drive her on Sunday, so she can concentrate on keeping the boys company on the trip home).

      And then there’s the two b/w girls. There’s been some interest in them (there was tons on the tabby ones)… but none I’ve felt comfortable in giving either of them a home. 😦 So it might just be that we end up with two more kitties!!! Hahahaha! Get your ass back from the netherworld – move to Scotland and give my two b/w girls a good home!!!

      • Haha 😀 Well, I will certainly consider rising from the dead (it already happened once, right?). In fact, I’m also a notorious Scotophile and I was thinking the other day that I’d love to have one cat of each different kind: black, white, black and white, tabby, ginger, etc. I now have a black one and a tabby one. Tabbies are gorgeous, no surprise everyone wanted yours. Now, I’ve drooled all over my keyboard again only talking about kittens. 😉

  1. So cute!! 😀 The “weird” photos made me laugh… I often caught my old fur siblings/babies in awkward shots… (with tongue out, trying to steal my scone, etc) while my dad usually got the “good photos”. I wish pets would just cooperate…

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