I’m all done – now where’s the sun?


Other half was complaining that our oh so yellow chairs weren’t comfy enough to snooze on, so I went online to shop for a sun lounger…

And found them either very pricy, or cheap and naff looking (thin fabric). So, instead I figured I’m make one.Β  πŸ˜€

Got saw, wood, nails and screws – what could go wrong?

Actually – nothing did.Β  Hahahahahah!Β  Oh yes, it won’t win a prize for best looking (or most symmetrical!) sun lounger – but it’ll do.Β  Other half was well amused as I was swearing and grunting… but in the end all I needed help with was to get a handful of screws properly screwed in.

DSC_0010Β Β  DSC_0011DSC_0012




It’s got foDSC_0013ur different settings for the back, plus flat… and as I figured it would be so heavy (and I’m just about as strong as 5 year old girl), I made it in two sections, so I can move it myself.


Stained it to make it look like it’s been there for a while.Β  If it had been nicely done and with sanded wood, I would have liked it white, but as it stands I don’t want to notice it too much!Β  πŸ˜€

Of course I couldn’t leave it just brown-ish… so I added a couple of “speed stripes”.

The four-legged ones absolutely love it… and to be honest so do I.Β  And even the other half, after having had a rest on it, had no choice but to agree it’s actually quite fab.

DSC_0017And hopefully we’ll spot a nice sun lounger cushion for it on sale (the ones I want are so pricey).

Aaaaaaand – I have to say – the little brush I used on it did amazing!Β  I used a small Daler-Rowney brush (from a set) not just for the stripes (both acrylic and oil based paint)… but I also used it to stain the whole blooming sun lounger!Β  The brush didn’t loose a single hair – and that’s not nicely sanded wood.Β  Well impressed.



12 thoughts on “I’m all done – now where’s the sun?

  1. What?!? You made this? I would have been impressed enough with just the racing stripes! Hey, I’ve got some projects around here in case you’re ever bored….. and the kids look so happy sunning themselves.

    • πŸ˜€ Yes, all made… just wood, screws, nails and a lot of swearing. πŸ˜€

      I was determined to do it all myself (as the other half insisted on buying one, whereas I figured it couldn’t be that hard to make one), so was fairly cheesed off I needed help to get a few of the screws in all the way. *sigh* But I got no strenght, and the other half might not have the vision – he’s got the strenght. πŸ˜€

      I love our chop saw – you can make just about anything. πŸ˜€

    • πŸ˜€ Thank you – but nothing to be impressed about… anyone with wood, a saw, hammer, nails, screwdriver and screws could do it. πŸ˜€

      Other half kept trying to interfere, as he hates the fact that I don’t use:
      Tape measure
      Square (eh… or whatever it’s called, to make sure things are at the right angle anyway)

      I just kind of wing it as I go along. πŸ˜€ That said – this bugger is sturdy, and will proably outlive me!

  2. So you took matters into your own hands and made it yourself. I am so impressed, and then the asymmetrical stripes – very classy!
    BTW, thank you for following Beauty Along the Road – it is very much appreciated.

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