I got what I wanted… for £8!


Call it what you want… pergola or arbor/arbour… I got what I wanted!  😀

We need a gate to the lawn part of the garden.  We’ve never had one, but always needed one, due to the canine girlies.

They have access to the garden at all time (they fit though the catflap), but when it gets so wet it’s just mud, a gate would have been amazing.  Instead we’ve been putting up boards on the steps to stop them from going out there to roll in the mud.

So – solutions – a pergola.  I wanted a pergola, which we can put a gate on (gate will hopefully be made this weekend!).

Of course, we intended to make one… and I fell in love with the simplicity of this one.  Albeit I want a different gate, and prefered it without all the “fancy bits”.

Boo of course helped me cheer on her daddy as he set out on the task:


And as it came along it did start to look similar to what I wanted:


It looks a little crooked, but it’s not, miraculously we managed to get it straight.  😀


I did however do something incredibly stupid… I felt ok-ish, so I painted the whole thing in one day (two layers, undercoat and gloss).  I’ve suffered for it since.  I gotta learn that everything’s not ok, just beacuse it feels ok for a little while.  Apart from having felt very shitty indeed, I’ve now been rewarded with eye floater in my right eye too.


All that’s needed now is the gate – and we’ll be all set for when it’s handy to keep the dogs out of there for a few hours.  😀

All in all it ended up costing £8…  and that was for the screws.  Everything else we had.  I’ve even planted climbers next to it already.

It was a quick thing to do, we didn’t sand any of the wood, and just used what we had.  It’s not there to be closely inspected, it’s there to hold a gate, and hopefully look pretty with climbers growing on it.  From a distance it looks fab!  😉




3 thoughts on “I got what I wanted… for £8!

  1. That looks nice! Did you consider a moat and draw bridge? That’d look pretty ominous! 😀 Wait, you probably weren’t going for “ominous.”

    It’s amusing to me that the Brits use the term “Garden” to refer to the outside space on their property. I’ve always thought of “garden” as a specific term. You know, where you plant stuff? Heh.

    • I actually suggested to the other half we’d fill the pathway with water instead of gravel after he’d dug it. 😀

      But I kind of had a more Disney style pictured, with a little boat and a few swans… having to travel by boat to the sheds. Awwwwww.

      I think I need a big American backyard to pull of the whole evil world domination style, instead of my tiny British garden. 😀

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