I am shelf-lessly showing off my shelfie!


What to pick when showing off a shelfie?

I’m one of those that place things on any surface… so nearly everything becomes a shelf.  But I’m not one for ornaments… Instead I will place books, pictures and various odd vintage things about… and the stick in dried roses if I see a spot that’s free.  😀

So… for my shelfie, I picked the one and only place where I actually have an ornament.  *feels like such a pro shelfie-er*  😉

The above is a pic of my homemade console “table”.  It’s not a table at all, bless it.  My hallway is so narrow (and hence the crooked pic, it was either that, or half of the pic covered in the staircase bars), so there’s no room for anything… but we made this so it basically takes up no room at all.  The drawers are all fake, as they’d be so tiny we wouldn’t be able to use them for anything.

But – I am well chuffed with it – it breaks up the long wall, and cheers the place up a wee bit.  There’s also just about enough room for us to throw our keys next to the Bible.


So – what’s on my shelf?


An old German Bible.  It’s got a few paint splatters on the front, but the rest of it has aged to perfection!  😀



This is the one and only thing that I count as an “ornament”…  I got her at a boot sale for £2.  Normally not anything I would go for at all – but her coy pose caught my eye, and the colours fit in nicely, so home she came.  😀



I don’t even know what this is… a barometer?  Whatever it used to be – it isn’t anymore.  It doesn’t work, but I love the shape.  It’s sassy and fun – and I love it.



An old planer!  Oh yes, what shelf is ever complete without some old woodworking tools?  😀



A framed pic of my other halfs parents… looking so young and beautiful.  If I remember correctly the frame is from TJ Maxx (in the US, TK Maxx here in the UK).



A really cheap and tacky globe.   Hahahahaha.  But from a distance it does the trick… as long as we don’t try to lift it… weighs just about the same as feather.



Yet another old woodworking item… well, there was room on the shelf, so I just had to fill it.  😀



An old lantern – this one was a gift from one of my neighbours.  This is my fave lantern (I also got one in the livingroom, and one in one of the bedrooms), and I’m well pleased with such a fab gift.



A lamp.  Hmmm… yes, as you can see I’m not too excited about it.  I used to have one I loved there, but when I got the piano for the livingroom, I decided to use the one I love there instead (considering I spend more time in the livingroom then I do in the hallway).


There’s also the phone, which I try my very best to hide behind the lantern.  It’s not something I want on show, and it’s only there as we need a landline for the internet.

And of course there’s also a few dried roses (I love dried roses!!!  Perfect for sticking on top of frames and mirrors, or on shelves and hanging on the walls).


This is posted for the awesome Victoria Plumb giveaway that’s hosted over on Tots100, so why not hop on over there to have a go (ends 6th of June)… and while you’re at it – give the Great British Home Quiz a go!


The Home Quiz was quite good fun – and yes – I do agree – I so want that bathtub!!!  I would give my right arm (ok… so maybe not my arm – but I’d certainly give somebody’s arm for it!) for a tub like that…  *daydreams*

Here’s my results – and even if you don’t want to show off your shelfie, there’s £250 of vouchers up for grab for taking the quiz!!!  (Ends 30th of June)



 Edit:  I won!!!

Oh my goodness – I couldn’t believe it when I noticed a pingback from the winners page… and that the winner was my shelfie!!!  Eeeeeeeeek!  I am so excited!  Gonna get a new fridge, and quite a few treats too.  😀

Am so incredibly happy.  Our fridge-freezer has been on it’s way out for years (it’s a mircle that it’s still running… sounds like an angry swarm of bees, and half the time the doors won’t shut), so am completely over the moon, as John Lewis sells fridges.  😀

Massive, huge thank you’s to Tots100 and Victoria Plumb!

Scroll down the comments to see the link to the winners page, and have a looksie at the fab runners up!


30 thoughts on “I am shelf-lessly showing off my shelfie!

  1. Pingback: Winners’ Update: Victoria Plumb Shelfie Competition | Tots 100

    • Thank you! I’m completely gob-smacked!!! £500 of vouchers – eeeeeeeek!

      I’m getting a fridge freezer, as ours is held together with hope and cellotape (we have been waiting for it to zonk out for a couple of years, but it’s been hanging in there)… I cannot wait for one that doesn’t sound like a swarm of angry bees the size of elephants, and has doors that will actually shut. 😀

      And a few little treats too, I think!!!

      Big congrats to you too! Your bathroom is gorgeous (I am so jealous of the bathtub).

    • 😀 I adore anything that’s old and got charm… and that includes woodworking tools. 😀 I also got a rusty old saw hanging on the wall in the hallway, you can just about spot the tip of it in the top picture.

      And for your comment below this one… this giveaway is finished. Most blog giveaways I spot (I love blog giveaways – as it’s always something fun to do! Yesterday I discovered Polyvore thanks to one) are however UK only… but now and then a worldwide one pops up. 🙂

      • 😀 Not many here in the UK are open worldwide, so it would be best to try and find some based on the US… and with the US being so HUGE, it might even be better to try finding some that’s just for your state (incase the prizes on offer are pick up only).

        Here’s a couple of links for blog giveaways aimed at the US… but I haven’t checked out the t&c on any of the ones listed… they might just be hosted on blogs, or they might be that you need to write a blog post. Good luck!!!




      • Thanks Cathy : ) I am currently living in the Nederlands. Not sure for how long, looking for work but I will look anyway as I go back and forth !

      • Hmmmmm… I tired searching for “wedstrijden online”, but only got links from Belgium up. 😀

        Try whatever they call giveaways or competitions in Holland on google! I’m sure there’s a link somewhere… but my lack of Dutch is clearly letting me down. Hahahaha.

        I lived in Holland for a few months once, I found that job agencies there was great – so pop into an agency and they should do their magic!

      • Brilliant! I still remember going to get my Sofi number. 🙂 But it’s many years ago… and I’ve lost all details of it. Oh well, it’s not like I need it, not living there. Hahahaha.

      • I remember the building in Amsterdam, and that they were so incredibly nice – made me feel so welcome! Kind of like a “Welcome to our country – we’re so happy to have you!”. 😀

        Nothing like getting the NI number here in the UK… it was complete interrogation, and made me feel like I was so unwanted.

        But as I said, long time ago. 🙂 So afraid I cannot give any details… apart from that they were ever so nice. 🙂

      • Yes most here are so very kind ! Exceptthe farmers on the back roads come VERY close to knocking you off your bike or worse!

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