Nipple tassels gone astray?


Getting undressed for the bath tonight, I was chatting to the other half.  Suddenly he smirks, and says:

“Your nipple tassels has gone astray.”

Nipple tassels?  What the fuck is he on about?

And then I look down… and see two of these thingy-bobs still stuck on the top of my chest.  😀


I was pretty certain I’d gotten them all off (together with about a bucket of gel), but clearly I’d managed to leave two on after the ECHO.  Ah well – about time I had some nipple tassels go astray.  😀


6 thoughts on “Nipple tassels gone astray?

    • He’s got his own little weird way of cheering me up. 🙂

      I was so cheesed off… doc told me I would have my ECHO at the local hospital. It’s fairly small, only 10 minutes drive away, plenty of parking and it’s just about impossible to get lost there.

      But no – I was sent to the big hospital in the city. Grrrrrrrr! 40 minutes drive away – no parking to be found in the parking lot (all we saw was cars queuing up for all the various car parks, so ended up having to park by the E&A entrance. As expected got completely lost trying to find the cardiology department, and again when trying to exit the blooming hospital.

      So “nipple tassles” made my day. 😀

      • I would have been cheesed off as well. Sounds much better than pissed off and I can do that very well! LOL! They sure would have heard my big mouth!

        Seems your hubby is like mine and they do have that way about them to ‘cool’ us down..hehehe. How lucky we are indeed. 😀

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